The History of Orthodox Christianity DVD

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  • Languages: English, Greek
  • Release Date: 12/31/01
  • Run Time: 90 minutes
  • Region Code: A

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History of Orthodox Christianity DVD

The history of the Orthodox church is one filled with tradition and wonder, stories of triumph, and those of trials. From Greek Orthodox Telecommunications comes a beautiful documentary, deeply describing the Orthodox Church's history, traditions, sacraments, and future. Whether an Orthodox believer, or simply an individual desiring to understand the depth of the Orthodox Church, History of Orthodox Christianity will serve as a wonderful tool to help you understand Orthodox Christianity in new ways.

Three Part Series

Told in a three-part series History of Orthodox Christianity is laid out in a manner which is easily understood and followed by viewers from all backgrounds. Each section of this documentary addresses a specific period from the history of the Orthodox Church in less than half an hour, allowing the viewer to absorb the rich content of each piece before beginning the next section.

Part one, "The Beginnings," will guide the viewer through the basic beliefs of the Orthodox Church as you travel through history from Christ to Constantine. Highlights of this section include the early church; the Apostle's missionary travels throughout Asia and Europe (specifically Paul) and the resulting spread of Christianity throughout the Roman Empire; the ensuing persecution of Christians and martyrdom of several missionaries and Apostles. Part one concludes with Constantine's conversion, rule, and the establishment of the Byzantine Empire.

Part two, "Byzantium," deeply explores and explains the period of history between the Edict of Milan (which legalized Christianity throughout the Roman Empire in 313) and the Turkish capture of Constantinople in 1453. As you travel through this time in history you will learn about the six Ecumenical Councils- from which came the Nicene Creed. You will come to understand the Orthodox views on Iconoclasm, which divided the Church in its early years, as well as the founding of Monasticism. You will explore the beginnings of the missions to the Slavs, which would spread the growth of Orthodoxy throughout the world, and continues to this day. Part two concludes with a history lesson of the Great Schism, the crusades, and the collapse of the Byzantine Empire.

The final section of History of Orthodox Christianity is devoted to discovering the history of the Orthodox Church from the collapse of the Byzantine Empire to the modern day. A large section of this third and final part is directed toward understanding the survival of the Orthodox Church during its period of captivity and oppression under Turkish, Ottoman, and Communist rules. Survive it did, and with it many ethnic and regional peoples and groups that would have been destroyed without the unity of the Orthodox Church. The final section addresses these issues, as well as outlining what the future of the Orthodox Church will look like in our modern world.

Why Study Orthodox Church History?

You may be wondering by this time, "Why should I spend the time studying Orthodox Church History?" Perhaps you are already Orthodox and believe you already know everything you need to about the history of your church. Perhaps you are not Orthodox, and wonder how the study of a different denomination could be of any use to your faith or daily life. Let me pose you a question in response. You ask why you should study the history of the Orthodox Church, I ask why you should study history at all? If you do not care about one piece of your past, why should you care about the whole? You cannot fully enjoy a cake if one ingredient is missing, all are equally important to creating a rich experience. In the same way, you cannot fully understand history if you remove one story. If you are Orthodox, how can you truly believe what you believe if you do not know where those beliefs came from? The reason for their existence? If you are not Orthodox, how can you understand the reasons for your beliefs if you do not understand the views of the other side? To both of you I would say history is important, and, as believers, church history is the most important of all. History gives us a foundation on which to stand. It shows us mistakes, successes, failures, and triumphs, and helps us repeat the good and learn from the bad. It gives us the faith of mighty men who sacrificed their lives to preach something they believed to be true. It lets us know, without a shadow of a doubt, that our faith is true, because we know it has overcome opposition, persecution, and oppression time and time again without harm, while those who attack it fall. It provides us with stories of encouragement and inspiration when we are downtrodden, and challenges us to run with perseverance when our paths begin to stray. The history of the Orthodox Church includes all these pieces and more! Believers will find the history of Orthodox Christianity particularly interesting as it ties so deeply into the accounts of the early church as described in the New Testament. Even today you can find the church of Thessaloniki thriving just as it did when the letters to the Thessalonians were delivered hundreds of years ago.

History of Orthodox Christianity is a detailed documentary that will lead viewers of all ages to a better understanding of the traditions and ancient history of the Orthodox Church. As you trace the Orthodox Church through thousands of years of history you will be inspired by the faith of millions, and encouraged by the strength of the church in the face of opposition, persecution, rejection, and acceptance alike.

The film features incredible insights into historical events and is sure to teach you new things about the wonderful history of Christianity that traces back through thousands of years. The revolution that begins with Christ started a massive movement that is still transpiring 2000 years later!

History of Orthodox Christianity is not rated and may include violence, intense scenes, and issues not suitable for young children. Parents are always encouraged to review films for their children, however, History of Orthodox Christianity is acceptable for most audiences.

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