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The Acts of the Apostles DVD

The Visual Bible: Acts of the Apostles is a dramatized scripture-to-movie adaptation. Taking the words of Acts and turning it into a powerful Biblical drama, this film shows the incredible works of the apostles following Jesus' ascension into Heaven. As the gospels reveal, Jesus was crucified for His teachings and eventually died. However, three days later, He rose again with a life-changing message for His disciples. They were to take His message into the whole world and share the good news of the gospel with anyone and everyone. This film chronicles the disciples' willingness to spread the gospel and their reception of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Here, God came down upon them and allowed them to speak different languages so they could more effectively communicate with the people around them.

This film is an incredibly accurate depiction of the powerful New Testament book. Follow Luke as he attempts to make an account of everything the disciples do and say. The film shows how it was important for Luke to get down into writing what was happening with the disciples. These were the early days of the church and incredible things were happening. With the numerous baptisms in Acts 2 and the disciples receiving the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, Luke was determined to make an account of all the ways the Lord was working in their lives. The days of the early church are truly incredible to learn about, and they are brought to life in the Visual Bible: Acts of the Apostles.

A Desire for Accuracy

Oftentimes Biblical movies and dramas are criticized for being unrealistic or unlike the actual Bible stories. Creative liberties are taken, changes are made for the sake of pacing or plot. That's the great encouragement about the Visual Bible series. Each episode is taken directly from scripture verbatim. Nothing is added or removed. In this case, the 28 chapters of acts are taken verse for verse and shown on-screen. The words found in the book of acts are perfectly transformed into either dialogue or narrative in this film, with nothing or added or removed. This removes any kind of agenda or risk of leaving certain details out. What you see in this film is exactly how you would read it in the Bible. Adapting from the NIV translation, The Visual Bible: Acts of the Apostles perfectly recreates the thrilling events from the New Testament book of Acts.

The Book of Acts

The book of Acts is divided up into 28 chapters, all of which are completely read through inThe Visual Bible: Acts of the Apostles. The first 5 and a half chapters focus on the events in Jerusalem and the beginning growth of the church. The early church literally began as only a few people and has since grown into a world-renowned movement. In these beginning passages, it explains Pentecost, the event where the disciples first received the holy spirit and began to boldly proclaim the truth of God's gospel message in multiple tongues that they had never before spoken. This was the moment when things began to shift and the disciples understood that this was all real. Incredible things were about to happen and a new church was about to form with the help of God Almighty.

In the next few chapters, the disciples begin to scatter, evangelizing to groups of people outside of exclusively Jerusalem. Witnessing begins to expand to other groups of people outside of fully Jewish people. And we also see the very first martyr, Stephen. This would become a very big event, as it meant that a man had chosen to die, the same extremes Jesus had to take, in order to live out his faith. This was the moment when people began to realize that their faith was real. This was something incredible and it was something worth dying for. With the stoning of Stephen, the disciples knew it was time to spread this message. It was something real and it was something worth defending, no matter the cost.

Acts takes another shift in tone as Peter receives a vision from God telling him that the message of the gospel is not merely for the Jewish people; it's for the world. This is the point when Gentiles begin to be evangelized to and saved. Gentiles are now a part of God's plan and despite some quarrels among the church leaders, it is eventually agreed upon that it is God's will for the Gentiles to enter into the kingdom of God.

In the end of Acts, we see Saul of Tarsus, a man who had become very well-known for his persecution of the Christians, receive a vision from God on the road to Damascus. He begins to evangelize as well and eventually becomes another influential leader in the church. The final few chapters of Acts explain Paul's travels and even willing to be arrested for his faith.The Visual Bible: Acts of the Apostles does a magnificent job at explaining all the details of the book of Acts in a lifelike and dramatic fashion. It's an epic story full of God's providence and miracles to His people.


If you thought that church leaders and church history was boring, prepare to be amazed by the incredible supernatural events that occurred all during the forming of the early church. The story of the disciples and the formation of the early church is a truly inspiring story and one that could only have been made a reality by the never-failing power of God. Only God could bring a small group of people, who were in turn inspired by one man, and create a world-changing revolution that would bring about eternal life to the millions that would accept it.The Visual Bible: Acts of the Apostles is an accurate and incredible version of this story that will surely inspire you and bring about new insights and discoveries regarding the amazing book of Acts.

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