The Week That Changed The World DVD

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  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 2/18/12
  • Run Time: 33 minutes
  • Subtitles: English
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The Week That Changed The World DVD

The Week That Changed the World is a film from Vision Video that talks about the week leading up to Jesus' crucifixion. This Christian documentary chronicles Jesus entering into Jerusalem and all the events that transpired afterward. You will see how the Israeli leaders kept a close eye on Jesus, guaranteeing He didn't do anything upsetting or disturbing. You will learn about the constant talk of a revolution against Rome and how a multitude of Jewish people believed what they needed to do was break out from under the oppressive reign of the Romans. During this, Jesus entered the equation, complicating things all the more.

Things began to come to a head when Jesus brought a man back from the dead, Lazarus. Lazarus had been dead for several days and when Jesus brought him back from the grave, people began to speculate that He was the Messiah. This continued talks of the revolution and made the people even more upset and ready to take action against the Romans. In order to quell this rebellion, Caiaphas decided the only course of action that could be taken would be to kill Jesus, crushing this rebellion and stopping the uprising before it ever really got started. The Week That Changed the World is an in-depth new documentary that explores this monumental week and all the incredible events that led up to the eventually crucifixion of the Messiah.


This movie is based on a section of a book by Dr. Paul L. Maier entitled In the Fullness of Time. For 50 years Dr Maier has served as a professor of Ancient History at Western Michigan University. He has authored many book over the years documenting different moments in history and giving his perspective on various historical aspects of these events. He has written books including Pontius Pilate, The Flames of Rome, and more recently The Da Vinci Code; Fact or Fiction? He has been given many awards and has been considered very well respected, often lecturing and appearing on national radio events. This film helps take some of his writings and teachings to a new audience by reaching them through the powerful medium of film.

The Story of Jesus' Final Week

Jesus' Final Week began as he entered into Jerusalem. This is an event that we traditionally revere and even celebrate today as Palm Sunday. Before he entered, he came to the town of Bethpage when he sent two of his disciples ahead. He told them they would find a donkey and colt tied up and ready for them to take. Jesus ordered them to untie them and bring them back to him. The disciples did as they were told and brought the donkey back to Jesus. Jesus, then entering Jerusalem witnessed as the people of the town began to lay down their cloaks on a road, forming a path for Jesus to enter the city on. Those that followed him began to shout together, "Hosanna", praising Jesus' name and calling Him the Messiah.

This is what began to cause trouble. The Israelite leaders had for a long time been worried about Jesus and his uprising. They worried that He was growing too powerful and if He continued to form a following like this it could threaten their relations with the Romans or even their positions as leaders. The Roman empire had for a long time considered itself a ruler over the people of Israel, and while they weren't happy about it, most of them generally accepted it as the way things were. However, there were some zealots and other people who didn't like the Romans oppressing them. They hoped that the Messiah would come to free them from their struggles and defeat the Romans once and for all. The leaders of Israel feared that Jesus would try to start this revolution, and with His massive following it could spell certain disaster for the whole nation of Israel. So, they began to find a way to put a stop to Jesus and his supposedly blasphemous teachings and preachings.

Around this time, Jesus worked a powerful and unbelievable miracle, bringing a man back from the dead. Jesus received word that his friend Lazarus has died. While his disciples urged Him to go back and save Lazarus, Jesus waited and then went to visit the people 4 days after Lazarus had passed on. Here is when Jesus worked one of his greatest miracles and proved to the world that He was no fool or showman. With a simple command, Jesus called for Lazarus to come out of the grave. And to the amazement of everyone around him, Lazarus walked out of the tomb alive and perfectly well! This was the beginning of an amazing following for Jesus but it also meant the beginning of the end for His ministry.

After His final week in Jerusalem, the leaders had had enough. Tasking one of Jesus' disciples by the name of Judas with finding Jesus and betraying Him, they were able to arrest Jesus and bring Him to a higher council. After some deliberation and argument over what He had truly done wrong, they eventually found Him guilty of preaching that He was the Messiah. After being shuffled around by Herod and Pilate, His fate was decided by the people. He would be crucified and die on a cross the next morning. What happened after His death, though, would shock and amaze all who he appeared to, for three days after His death, He rose from the dead. Death could not hold Him!


The Week That Changed the World is a powerful film that showcases and explains in great detail one of the most dramatic weeks in all of history. You will see how one week the crowds were praising Jesus and the next week they had turned on him and were calling for His demise. Following the Biblical account and supplemented with information from several leading historical experts, this factual drama will take you on an incredible chronological journey documenting the moments before Jesus' crucifixion. This is a compelling documentary that would be great to show to anyone interested in the life of Christ and in particular the events leading up to his death.

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