A.D. The Bible Continues DVD

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A.D. The Bible Continues DVD

Picking up where The Bible: The Epic Miniseries left off, A.D. The Bible Continues is an epic 12-episode series chronicling the incredible events that took place after the crucifixion of Christ. While the first series, The Bible, also produced by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey told the stories of the Old Testament and ended with Jesus being crucified and resurrected, this series continues the story, showing the early spread of Christianity, persecution of the early church, and the lives of some of the greatest apostles and missionaries to ever live. With a star-studded cast and a dramatic scale of epic proportions, this is the quintessential film retelling of the New Testament.

A TV miniseries based on the New Testament, A.D. The Bible Continues is a follow-up to the 2013 miniseries The Bible: The Epic Miniseries. Releasing on NBC, the initial episode aired on Easter Sunday in 2015. 11 more hour-long episodes followed, continuing the story of the New Testament and bringing the series to an epic and climactic conclusion. The series was produced by husband and wife pair Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, along with Richard Bedser. Designed to help spread the message of the gospel to the masses, this is an incredible and in-depth look at the amazing events that occurred in the New Testament.


A.D. The Bible Continues features 12 hour-long episodes, beginning with the resurrection of Jesus Christ and continuing all the way to the end of the New Testament. The first episode, entitled "The Tomb is Open" follows Jesus' crucifixion and his ultimate death on the cross. However, it also documents the opening of the tomb, and Jesus being discovered as missing. Caiaphas ordered that the tomb be heavily guarded so that no one could sneak in and steal the body. But, this couldn't stop the power of God from coming down and freeing Jesus from death and his tomb.

The story picks up in episode two, "The Body is Gone", in which we see the aftermath of Jesus' being missing from the tomb. Mary Magdalene visits the tomb to see where Jesus has been buried and is shocked to discover that he isn't in it. With this incredible news, she runs back to tell the disciples. Caiaphas becomes angered by the discovery that Jesus is gone and he begins to take his wrath out on the guards.

In episode 3, "The Spirit Arrives", Leah does her best to console Caiaphas, who is struggling with some of the decisions he has made over the past few days. The apostles, meanwhile, find themselves in a time of deep prayer about their future. Unsure about how to proceed, they receive fulfillment through the Holy Spirit. After this spectacular event, they receive new motivation and begin to spread out to share the good news of the Gospel.

Episode 4, "The Wrath" features Caiaphas and his quest to find an assassin. When they're unable to find him, they vow to crucify ten Jews every day until the real assassin steps up and takes ownership for his actions. Meanwhile, he puts John and Peter on trial for their enthusiastic evangelism. With the support of the crow, Peter and John are released and able to continue their work. Because of this exposure, the word about them and their ministry begins to spread leading to the beginning of a revolution.

Episode 5, "The First Martyr" features the story of Stephen, a young man who was courageous and bold in his faith. Because of his willingness to speak the truth, he spoke out against Caiaphas condemning him for his lack of faith. And because of this bold proclamation, he is publicly stoned, while Saul of Tarsus watches nearby.

The series reaches its midpoint in "The Persecution", episode 6 of A.D. The Bible Continues. In this episode, oppression of the Christians begins to increase as the Sanhedrin and others begin to fear the zealous nature of the Christians. With lots of political issues and roadblocks causing tension between many of the higher-ups, they all begin to fight for power and wonder how they can put a stop to the Christians and their growing religion.

In episode 7, "The Visit", Saul begins his pursuit of Peter and makes a resolution to begin persecuting the Christians. With the support of Caiaphas, Saul begins his quest to put an end to the Christian fanatics.

Saul undergoes an incredible change in episode 8, "The Road to Damascus" as he sets out on a journey for Damascus. Struck down blind by God Himself, Jesus asks Paul point blank why he is persecuting Him. After this divine experience, Saul undergoes an incredible name, taking on the name of Paul and vowing to spend the rest of his life serving God and spreading the name of Christ to all the nations.

Paul finds trouble in episode 9, "Saul's Return" when he begins preaching about his newfound Christian faith. His old friends are obviously taken aback by his faith and amazing turnaround from his former self. This causes Paul to experience some tension. He also finds tension with the Christians, who are hesitant to welcome him for fear he is faking his faith.

As the series begins to wind down, episode 10, entitled "Brothers in Arms" continues the story of Paul and his arguments with Caiaphas. Threatening Saul, Caiaphas threatens to imprison Saul and put a stop to his faith and preaching. However, Saul is eventually released.

Episode 11, "Rise Up"features genuine moments of exciting miracles and conversions. This episode begins to show how quickly the Christian faith began to spread, with many accepting the teaching of Christ and changing their lives to follow Christ wholeheartedly as well.

And in the final episode, "The Abomination", tensions begin to rise as the emperor receives a gold statue which begins to rally many against the Romans and their oppressive reign. While Pilate and Caiaphas begin to oppose each other, the Christian revolution begins to spread, catching around the world. With more and more followers, the message begins to spread further and further around the world.

A.D. The Bible Continues is a remarkable follow-up to the already impressive miniseries from 2013. If you want to learn more about the New Testament events and the acts of the early apostles, this is an excellent resource.

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