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  • Cast: Reese Witherspoon, Arnold Oceng, Ger Duany, Emmanuel Jal, Corey Stoll
  • Director: Philippe Falardeau
  • Producer: Andrew Kosove, Ron Howard, Broderick Johnson, Brian Grazer, Kim Roth
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 12/22/10
  • Run Time: 120 Minutes
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
  • Region Code: 1
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The Good Lie

The Good Lie is a movie produced by Ron Howard and directed by Phillipe Falardeau that was released in 2014. A drama, the film stars Academy-award winner Reese Witherspoon in the lead role as Carrie Davis, a determined young woman who lives by herself is asked to help three siblings from Sudan find jobs in America. It has become an award-winning film and has been screened in both the Toronto International Film Festival and the Greenwich International Film Festival. The movie tells the story of the difficult aftermath of three brothers after the Second Sudanese Civil War and their traumatic experiences afterwards. Eventually, their lives take a dramatically different turn as they are chosen by a lottery to be relocated to the United States of America where they can begin their lives anew in a well-off and developed country.

The Good Lie has a well-chosen cast and features an incredible combination of Reese Witherspoon and Ron Howard together working to create a powerful and moving movie. This film will surely touch your life with its incredible story, similar in style to other great works like The Blind Side. Follow the story of Carrie Davis as she meets the three siblings from Sudan, and ends up spending more time with them than she had anticipated!

When their village and the rest of their family is massacred in a brutal and traumatic incident during the Second Sudanese Civil War, six siblings by the names of Paul, Jeremiah, Mamera, Theo, Daniel, and Abital escape from their village looking for a new home. Following more traumatic incidents, they spend the next several days wandering through the wild, looking for shelter, food, and a new place to settle down and make their home. After a long time of wandering, they finally meet up with a group of refugees. Shortly after this encouraging new meeting, however, they are caught, and many more die in another horrific incident. Theo is captured during this time and is taken off with the soldiers, while his siblings look on helplessly.

Eventually finding shelter at a Sudanese refugee camp, they begin to make a new home for themselves in Nairobi, Kenya. Unfortunately, Daniel falls ill during this time and passes away. Here they remain for thirteen long years, just another face among thousands in the refugee camp. But one day, everything changes when the siblings' names are drawn in a lottery for relocation. Much to their great surprise, they learn that they are being relocated to the United States of America, where they can get jobs and begin new lives for themselves.

When they arrive in New York, they are forced to depart from their sister Abital, who is unexpectedly taken to Boston where she is to stay with a host family there. Now, three siblings remain together, alone in the astonishingly bright and colorful city of New York City. The three brothers, Jeremiah, Paul, and Mamere get on an airplane and are sent to Kansas City where they will finally begin their new lives. Here they meet Carrie Davis, and independent woman who lives alone and works full-time as an employment counselor. Asked to help the three brothers jobs, she works tirelessly to make sure that all three of them land jobs and are able to adjust to their new lives here in America. Jeremiah finds multiple jobs working at a grocery store and at a local church working as a Sunday school teacher. Paul is able to work at a factory, but he finds this transition rather rough, especially when he meets his employees and learns about the rampant use of drugs around the factory. And finally, Mamere takes on multiple jobs working as a store clerk and also as a security guard. He takes on multiple positions in order to earn money so he can fund medical school. He as a strong desire to become a medical doctor, and his opportunity in America is finally his chance to do just that.

When they eventually are able to bring their sister Abital back to Kansas City, the family is finally reunited, with the exception of Theo. With little hope for his survival, they fear that he is long gone. But when a mysterious letter is sent to Mamere and there is a small chance that Theo may be alive, will Mamere take the opportunity and go down to Sudan to visit the refugee camp?

Mamere eventually makes the difficult decision to head back down to the Sudanes region, with the hopes of coming back and reuniting with the siblings he left behind in America. With the siblings spread out around the world, this is the story of their quest to finally meet back up with one another in a tearful but joyous reunion. The Good Lie chronicles this incredible journey, based on true events.

The Good Lie is an emotional and heartfelt drama that also focuses on the character of Carrie Davis, the woman tasked with finding the three siblings jobs in Kansas City. While at the beginning of the film she takes on the attitude of a stuck up and independent woman, she softens over the course of her time with the three Sudanese siblings. Together, they learn the important lessons of faith, freedom and hope.

The film was met with positive ratings and even earned itself a rating of 87% on the popular movie critic website Rotten Tomatoes. A story of love and hope, it shows an incredible tale of siblings sticking together through any situation. Based on a true story of the Civil War in Sudan, The Good Lie works to tell a true story in an enjoyable and dramatic fashion.


If you enjoyed other dramas like The Blind Side, you are sure to love The Good Lie. Featuring a sharp contrast of cultures between the refugee camp of Sudan and the modern technology of the United States of America, The Good Lie has an enjoyable and deep story based on true events about six Sudanese siblings and their journey out of oppression and into new life.

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