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Unlocking The Mystery Of Life

Life is one of history's greatest mysteries. Life has dictated the rise and fall of empires. It has baffled scientists, and it has toppled political powers. The origins of life have lead to numerous theories, myths, and legends. The quest to understand the origins of life has produced one of the most influential theories in history-- evolution --yet that theory does not answer the questions fully. Where does life come from? From Illustra Media and Focus on the Family comes a documentary exploring the origins of life--Unlocking The Mystery Of Life. Dive deep into the human cell through computer modeling and scientific discovery to learn that the elaborate microscopic systems working there point overwhelmingly towards intelligent design. Based on the studies and work of Stephen C. Meyer, Michael Behe, William Dembski and others, Unlocking The Mystery Of Life presents evidence for intelligent design using discoveries in biochemistry, molecular biology, and genetics as a springboard into God's created world of life.

The Cell--Evidence For Intelligent Design

Unlike many other documentaries about intelligent design, Unlocking The Mystery Of Life focuses on a single topic to provide evidence for and explore the idea of a created word. Fort his documentary, the focus is on the human cell. The human cell is a complex micro-organism that is so complex most scientists agree that the chances of a simple cell evolving are almost impossible, yet alone the complex cells that make up the human body. The release of the documentary Unlocking The Mystery Of Life fell on the fiftieth anniversary of James Watson and Francis Crick's discovery that the DNA in a cell carries hereditary information in the form of a code. Many scientists and professionals have compared this DNA code to computer software or a written language--it is extremely complex. This discovery sparked a scientific revolution, but it also posed one very important question, "Where did this DNA information come from?" In the documentary Unlocking The Mystery Of Life well known scientists answer this question from both a Biblical and scientific perspective, presenting evidence that confirms the idea of intelligent design using only the human cell.

Amazing Computer Models

While science nerds and geeks, or professors with PhDs, can often understand the science jargon and ideas behind intelligent design documentaries and films the average family, student, or individual can often be left in the dust, struggling to understand the information presented. Unlocking The Mystery Of Life, however, presents the scientific data and information in ways both science professionals and your average individual can learn from. Much of the information in the documentary Unlocking The Mystery Of Life is presented using computer models. Not only are the computer models an excellent use of developing technology, but they also make for a fascinating film that draws the viewer in. Instead of boring points or pictures, Unlocking The Mystery Of Life uses these computer models to bring the information to life--literally. You will travel deep into the human cell, watching DNA and other pieces of the human body interact, work, and develop. Viewers will feel much like the student's in Ms. Frizzle's Magic School Bus, as they buckle up for an eye view of the inside of the cell. Not only do these computer models make for an interesting documentary, but they help viewers grasp the information in ways that help it stick and stay in their brains.

An Intelligent Design Documentary On PBS

One interesting part of the documentary Unlocking The Mystery Of Life, is that it actually aired on PBS--a secular television station. The show was aired on PBS after its release in September of 2003, and aired on more than forty affiliates throughout the United States. When Unlocking The Mystery Of Life was canceled on a channel in Albequerque, New Mexico it made national news, and sparked a debate on PBS programming decisions. Despite the film's eventual cancellation, the documentary Unlocking The Mystery Of Life reached hundreds of people-- via a secular station --with the theory of intelligent design. Although this documentary has received much critisicm and opposition by scientists because it promotes the idea of intelligent design, it has endured and today has been translated into twenty-five different languages, reaching people across the globe with the idea of a created-- rather than evolved-- world.


Whether a science nerd, or everyday Joe; a biology major, or elementary student; believer, or non-believer, you will learn something from this film. If you are familiar with the theory of intelligent design, the documentary Unlocking The Mystery Of Life will offer new ideas and evidence for the theory of a knowledgeable creator. If the concept of intelligent design is new to you, this film will serve as the first step that will launch you into the world of a new theory supported and tested by science. Whether a student, educator, pastor, or simply an individual interested in better understanding God's creation Unlocking The Mystery Of Life will help you discover the keys to unlocking one of the world's greatest mysteries-- where did life come from?

Unlocking The Mystery Of Life has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America, and may include complex topics and issues. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but Unlocking The Mystery Of Life is considered appropriate for most audiences.

Unlocking The Mystery Of Life includes the following Bonus Material:
-Scientists answer questions about Darwinism and Intelligent Design
-A book, video, and internet reference library
-Profiles of many different scientists and scholars
-And an additional 45 plus minutes of extras

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