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Woodlawn Pastor's Study Kit

Based on the powerful film Woodlawn, the ONE Pastor's Kit includes all the resources to run and promote a six week program on the powerful themes of unity and revival.

As Pastor Dave Stone, of City on a Hill Church, emphasizes in this kit, "The Holy Spirit never says tomorrow. He always says, "Today'." Does this remind you of a similar verse? Hebrews 3:15 echoes this sentiment. Do you want that for your community? A new responsiveness to the Holy Spirit? Revival? Reconciliation? If you are a pastor or youth pastor who sees a need for reconciliation and a movement of the Holy Spirit like it did back in Woodlawns' time, then today consider a kit. Though this kit is not formulated for small-group use, the resources could easily be used by a layperson who desires to grown in their gift of teaching and encourage their community. ONE Pastor's Kit is jam packed with resources for mobilization:

-A clip especially for pastors planning on implementing this series
- An instructional video guide for rolling out a program for your church
- Six sermon transcripts
- Short clips from the movie Woodlawn to use as sermon illustrations
- A "sermon bumper" (a video designed to help prepare the congregation for the sermon each week)
- Licensed clip art to use in bulletins, fliers and other promotional materials̴Ì_

Encouragement for the Journey

One Pastor's Kit contains two very helpful coaching materials for you as you implement this six sermon series. In the Pastor's clip, Pastors Tony Evans and Dave Stone will encourage you and give you guidance as you consider how to broach the sensitive subjects of race and discrimination with your congregation. In the video guide, you will receive coaching on how to get the most out of the resources in the Kit. There will be guidance on using the sermon series and ideas for how to best utilize the digital art included in the kit.̴Ì_

6 Week Sermon Series Package

ONE Pastor's Kit will help you spice up your sermons. This fantastic resource gives you access to everything you need to launch a teaching series on the film Woodlawn. Each week, launch your sermon with a sermon bumper to familiarize the congregation with the material you will be covering. The six sermon transcripts based on the powerful themes in the film Woodlawn. For those in the congregation who have not seen the film itself, you will be able to share key moments of the film with them through video clips. These clips will further the impact of the messages of unity and revival. These licensed video clips are easy to load and play. Your audio/ visual team will thank you.

Promotional Materials̴Ì_

As soon as your ONE Pastor's Kit arrives, you will be able to begin promoting the series. The digital art files included in the kit will allow you to promote the six week teaching series in many ways. The digital art could be used to make sure your church website and/or Facebook page contain eye-catching information about the series. You can create fliers to distribute to the congregation and community. You can also use them to make posters to put up in your church and on bulletin boards around town. Of course, they will be the perfect images to create a bulletin for each week of the actual teaching series as well.

The Story of Woodlawn

The court ruling Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka in 1954 called for the desegregation of schools. Some parts of America adopted this mandate quicker than others, and Alabama was one of the states that was slow to integrate this ruling. It wasn't until other catalyzing events later in the 60's and 70's and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 finally push Woodlawn High School to adopt desegregation principles.

Woodlawn High School, representing most other school in Alabama, was located in Birmingham, where tensions ran high as desegregation was put into effect. People expressed their displeasure at this, often in extreme or violent ways. People took to the streets in riots and cross burnings. This would be the first time people of different skin colors were required to live and go to school together; to acknowledge each others' humanity.

One arena that desegregation had a big impact on was football. Football in Alabama was and is more than a sport. It was a lifestyle, and the conflicts that rocked the city proved to also rock the Woodlawn High School football team as well.

As the school and community were struggling to unify, so was the football team, the Colonels, lead by coach Tandy Gerelds. With players who were both black and white, teamwork was a struggle for them. Though Coach Tandy had years of coaching experience behind, and skills to bring teams together, nothing had prepared him for a problem like this.

The government desegregation mandate put new student Tony Nathan at Woodlawn. His skill with a football gave him a place on the roster of the Colonels. The easy part was making the team; navigating all the chaos that was plaguing the team would prove challenging.

When it seemed that there would be no end to the turmoil, hope came in the form of Chaplain Hank Erwin (Sean Astin). He asked to talk to the team about how Jesus changed his life and turned things around for the better. It was effective, and the team was moved. It was from that event the Spirit began to move among the team. A large part of the team, more than forty, decided to follow Christ and make decisions to leave behind the prejudice that held on to previously. The whole school and the coach took notice to what was happening, and even the entire community were touched by what took place on that team.

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ONE (The Woodlawn Study) Pastor's Kit is a product of the City on a Hill Church in Louisville, Kentucky

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