With No Apology DVD

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  • Languages: English
  • Run Time: 2 Hours

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With No Apology - DVD

With No Apology: Joe Boot of Ravi Zacharias Ministry wrestles with the hard questions of life and faith and shows how to answer them with no apology.

Does Christianity really add up? In a series of five intriguing taxi journeys, J. John asks his friend and colleague, Joe Boot, how to answer life's hardest questions. "With No Apology" is ideal to watch in groups or on your own. It raises tough issues and provides the tools to help you develop your own response. A free, easy-to-use, PDF discussion guide is available at www.visionvideo.com. It offers a helpful summary of the sessions -- plus questions for further discussion, a glossary of definitions and suggestions for further reading. This is one cab ride we're sure you won't forget in a hurry...So fasten your seatbelts!

The five sessions are as follows:

Session 1--What about Truth and the Bible?
Session 2--What about Jesus?
Session 3--What about other Faiths?
Session 4--What about Creation?
Session 5--What about Suffering?

Joe Boot is the executive director of Ravi Zacharias International Ministry in Toronto (www.rzim.org). J. John is a motivational speaker who helps people see the spiritual dimension and purpose of everyday life.

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