Wind At My Back: The Complete Fourth Season DVD Set

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  • Cast: Kathyrn Greenwood, Dylan Provencher, Tyrone Savage, James Carroll
  • Producer: Kevin Sullivan
  • Languages: English
  • Run Time: 600 mn
  • Closed Captioning: No
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Wind at My Back: The Complete Fourth Season DVD Set

As the kids grow older and times begin to change, Sullivan Entertainment returns with a lighter heart and renewed spirit in Wind at My Back: The Complete Fourth Season DVD Set. Follow the continuing story of the Bailey family as they begin to find their way out of the Great Depression and continue living a happy family life together. The stories in this episode are full of mystery, drama, and romance as the characters of New Bedford encounter new situations and events that change and shape the town in new and excitingly different ways. This season sees Honey return from the sanitarium, Hub and Fat growing older and encountering new things that may strain their relationship, and Toppy coping with a now empty nest.

More about Wind at My Back

Wind at My Back is a gripping television drama that was produced in Canada by Sullivan Entertainment in the 1990s. It received very positive reviews and quickly became known as a popular show for families to watch together. The series eventually made its way onto American airwaves where it managed to expand its viewership and fanbase. The series had a total of 5 seasons, with a total of 65 episodes, along with a TV movie Christmas special to wrap up loose ends in the franchise.

The series was produced by Kevin Sullivan, who is also well-known for his work on Anne of Green Gables, and the seven-season show Road to Avonlea, which was also inspired by a number of L.M. Montgomery characters. If you are a fan of either of these shows, you will absolutely love the heartwarming stories of Wind at My Back.̴Ì_

Wind at My Back Season 4

With the departure of the old actor for honey, Wind at My Back returns with a different actor for Honey and a lighter overall tone. Laura Bruneau joins the cast as Honey and manages to terrifically fill the void, becoming a great mother for Hub and Fat. In the context of the show, Honey is sent away to the sanitarium after she takes ill. When she returns, the children must learn how to readjust and get along together again as a family. Season 4 also introduces multiple new characters to the franchise, creating a wider and more diverse cast in this penultimate season.

Some of these new characters include guest stars Ron Lea, Stephanie Morgenstern, and Robert Benson. The show also follows May Bailey, recovering from the fallout of her Silver Dome Mine being shut down. Trying to restore goodwill between herself and the townsfolk, she vows to restore New Bedford to the glory and prosperity that it once had. Hub also grows up in this season, and is faced with new challenges and trials that come along with adulthood. As he begins to fall in love for the first time, he has to learn how to deal with adolescence and his budding love life.

Grace begins to lose all hope that she will ever find true love, until she notices Jim Flett the school teacher, and what's more is he's beginning to notice her too! Toppy, meanwhile, decides to open a dance school. Shortly after, the swing music fever hits the streets of New Bedford as everyone tries to get in on the new craze! Fat and Prichard go on an exciting adventure when they discover an abandoned mine and decide to go inside. However, their lives are put in jeopardy as they begin to travel deeper and deeper into the mines.

Sadly, Leo McGinty passes away as well, shocking the town and resulting in a dispute over who is Maisey's true guardian. Del Sutton returns to town once more and coaches Fat in the art of boxing. Both Fat and Hub take an interest in the fighting sport, which leads to some tension and competition between the two brothers. A potential plot is uncovered which could lead to the murder of Callie Cramp. Will she be able to avoid it and escape alive? Or will the plot succeed in the end?̴Ì_

Ollie is inspired when learning about the aircraft industry and decides he is going to build his very own aircraft; a monumental feat that leads him into some interesting results. Honey returns to New Bedford and must learn how to get back on her two feet. After her long stint in the sanitarium, she finds it difficult to return to normal family life, caring for her family and trying to be an active member in the town. Hub is coached on how to become a member of high society. And in an awkward but humorous episode, Jim Flett's son asks Grace to pose as Jim's fiance to keep him from having to live with his grandparents. This leads to an interesting encounter under Grace's guise of deception.

Wind at My Back Season 4 continues the incredible journey of the Bailey family and all they've been through. After Honey's terrible ordeal with losing her husband and having to send her children away in the first season of the show, it's comforting to see them reunited and together as a family, along with Honey's new husband Max. Through these 5 seasons, they are able to grow closer together as a family and survive the Great Depression together.


In this, the fourth and penultimate season of the show, Wind at My Back continues its stride as a successful and moving show. This is a television series perfect for the whole family as it features light-hearted and enjoyable content that is perfect for everyone in the family to watch together and enjoy. This is clean, family entertainment with a number of seasons and episodes to keep you occupied for a long time. This is a positive alternative to a lot of what can be found on television nowadays, as it features and older simpler time with heartwarming stories and messages. If you've been a fan of Wind at My Back or if you're brand new to the show, this drama is an experience worth treasuring.

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