When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD

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  • Cast: Erin Krakow, Daniel Lissing and Lori Laughlin
  • Director: Anne Wheeler
  • Producer: Michael Landon Jr.
  • Languages: English
  • Dove Approved: Dove Family Approved
  • Release Date: 5/25/11
  • Closed Captioning: No
  • Region Code: 1
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When Calls the Heart: Trials of the Heart

When Calls the Heart is an incredible Christian Film. Based on the stories by author Janette Oke's, it is the second in her award-winning series to be produced. Part drama and part historical and factual, it takes place on the Canadian frontier. In a rugged way of life, viewers are introduced to the main characters: both named Elizabeth and both with wonderful personalities. The two women are different, but have many of the same traits. They are self-empowered, care about others and put their future in their hands. Their journey as shown through this film is quite an incredible story.

An 88-minute film, When Calls the Heart is produced by Word Films. This drama with a hint of romance is approved for ages 12 and up and is worth the watch. It contains the first two episodes of season two. There are lessons and values for people of all ages and it focused around family.


The beginning of episode one introduces new characters as Elizabeth and Jack are becoming closer in Coal Valley. Jack is in the process of teaching Elizabeth how to ride a horse. As time is going on, they are getting to know each other even more. They laugh together and share good times. Afterwards, Jack kisses Elizabeth and tells her how she is the only woman she has ever kissed that was not his mother. He teases her that there have been five women before her, but she plays it off because both of them know that is not true. They spend an ample amount of time just gazing into each other's eyes. As they are there wondering about what their future together holds, they receive a telegram. It is saying that Elizabeth needs to travel home because her mother has suddenly become very sick. Jack more than willingly accompanies her back to her home and hometown. When Calls the Heart has plot that is based around steadfast characters but continues to move.

When they reach the city of Hamilton, Jack discovers that Elizabeth comes from a very wealthy family. Their home, lifestyle, and estate are in a very good condition. Jack spends his time trying to navigate his place in the family. However, Elizabeth's father does not think he is good enough. Jack does not come from the same class and society that Elizabeth does. Her father sees Jack as man unworthy of marrying his daughter. He spends a large amount of his time trying to separate the two. He sees a better fit for his daughter in the form of another man named Charles Kensington. Before meeting Jack, Elizabeth and Charles had been in a relationship. As Elizabeth's father drives Jack and Elizabeth apart, he tries to weld her with Charles instead. When Calls the Heart portrays some struggles that are very realistic in people's lives. Elizabeth's choices and journey are unique, but relatable. Her story is not only told, but shines through.

Janette Oke

At 81 years old, Janette has been writing novels for decades. She resides in Alberta, Canada and has paved the way for many authors in the form of inspirational fiction. She is a fan of her books involving pioneerism, strong women, and Christianity. She is woman full of faith that wants to share the joy and love of Jesus in a creative way. One of her greatest forms of communication is through writing. She has an entire collection of books published by Bethany House. Her books are easy to enjoy and read by a wide variety of people. Many of her novels have been well rated and well loved. She is not only the author of When Calls the Heart, but also Love Comes Softly, Love's Enduring Process, Love's Long Journey, and other Canadian West and Acadia series. Because her novels have been so well appreciated, a few have been made into Christian movies. This DVD is the second series to have the honor. She also writes books for youth and animal lovers. Her movies are just as loved as her books and her words brought to life can't help but inspire those who witness them.


There are many analyzations of the characters in this novel to be made. Two of the most prominent characters are the Elizabeths. Both women play very strong, central roles in this movie. When Calls the Heart defies many of the social standards that were present in the time period. The presence of strong women is a very important theme throughout their journey. They do not back down or give up, but instead take matters into their own hands and compassionately forge their way forward. The conflicts they face in relationships and family affairs do not cause them to falter, but instead find a sense of strength. They are grown women who desire to be successful and make their own choices. They were both raised surrounded by money and high class, but chose different courses in life. Their journeys eventually brought them together in the midst of suffering. Their struggles teach them about love and what it really can mean in their lives. Together they overcome challenges not everyone thought they could. They are easy to love and cheer on throughout the entire Christian film.


In everyone's life and each and every film, there are trials to be faced. This movie is no different. Many relationships and people's courses take a turn in different ways than expected. Surprises are encountered along each and every step of the way. As times get tricky and difficult, the characters in the film must stand strong in their faith. Trusting God isn't always easy, but they believe it is what they are called to do. The characters are humans and have flaws, but they do their best to do what they think God would see as right. They teach about family values and the importance of loving one another well. When Calls the Heart is an inspiring film that discovers the enduring power of love even in the hardest of times.

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When Calls the Heart


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