Welcome To Inspiration: Where Hope Begins DVD

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  • Director: Ryan Ramous and Erick Henson
  • Producer: Ryan Ramous
  • Languages: English
  • Dove Approved: Dove Family Approved
  • Run Time: 102 min
  • Subtitles: English
  • Closed Captioning: Yes
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Welcome To Inspiration: Where Hope Begins

The small town of Mountain Brooks is, to put it simply, struggling. The lives of everyone in the town seem to be centered inward, and good will and joy do not exactly seem to be running over into the streets. Through a series of characters, however, the lives of the citizens of Mountain Brooks begin to change-- for the better. Based on "The Street Sweeper", a book by by Tim Enochs, Welcome To Inspiration: Where Hope Begins features a talented cast including Regina McCray, Christy Sutherland, and Jackie Stewart as the Street Sweeper. It also features Grammy Award winners Larry Gatlin and Jason Crabb, with inspiring music that will touch your heart.

Film Synopsis

The lives, families, and marriages in the fictional town of Mountain Brooks, which the film Welcome To Inspiration: Where Hope Begins is centered around, are falling to pieces. Take Austin (Britt George) and Marnie (Whitney Goin) for example. They are so focused on their individual dreams that their marriage is falling to pieces about their heads. Filled with frustration, anger, and impatience, their on the brink of divorce. Then there is Johnny (Dillion Kieth), young musician, who is frustrated that he can not share his gift with a wider audience. Laura Ann (Christy Sutherland)-- a widow struggling to reconcile herself with the death of both her husband and her soldier daughter. Alethea (London Margaret Kimble)-- a young girl running away from a broken home. Lee (Cory Scott Allen)-- a pessimistic mechanic without a purpose. Through a lot of providence, and a bit of help from the old Street Sweeper, the characters of Welcome To Inspiration: Where Hope Begins begin to discover healing, hope, and purpose through the Words of God, both written and spoken, and they learn valuable lessons along the way. The journey of Mountain Brooks to a town of "inspiration" features an original Contemporary Christian and Country Gospel soundtrack, featuring artists like Grammy Award winners Crabb and Gatlin, along with other talented artists and musicians such as Andrew Greer, Christy Sutherland, Andrea Thomas, Terri Sharp, Paul Reter, Rob Rainwater, and the campus choir from Lee University.

Tim Enochs

Welcome To Inspiration: Where Hope Begins is based on Tim Enochs' book "The Street Sweeper", who also produced the film Welcome To Inspiration: Where Hope Begins. Tim was not always a writer and film, producer, however. In fact, he once worked a very different job. For eighteen long years Tim Enochs worked in manufacturing and banking, and he had a very successful career-- by the world's standards. Tim, however, realized God had a different purpose and calling for his life. Tim Enoch quit his money making job, and began coaching for an organization called Building Champions, a business that helps other businesses do what they were created to do. Like mentoring, but on a bigger scale. Tim knew God was not done yet, so he began writing books based on the lessons he learned the hard way. His first book "Every Day Is A Game Day" reminds readers that the choices the make today (or the ones they do not make) will have a profound influence on their future. In his second book "The CHILD Game Plan," Tim addresses the importance of having a vision for your child. It is his third book, however, on which Welcome To Inspiration: Where Hope Begins is based. Through his books, and numerous hours of speaking, Tim Enochs encourages individuals to discover their purpose in life, and live it out. Tim has been married to his wife Laura since 1984, and they have two children, Adam and Bethany.

Themes Of The Film

The film Welcome To Inspiration: Where Hope Begins features several valuable themes that viewers of all ages can learn from. The most important, is the goal of the film itself, which is to point viewers towards the Word of God as the source of ultimate authority, as well as direction for their lives. As many of the characters in Welcome To Inspiration: Where Hope Begins illustrate-- especially Austin and Marnie-- healing for friendships, marriage, families, and communities often start with recognizing the Word of God as a source of wisdom and instruction. Welcome To Inspiration: Where Hope Begins strongest theme is the idea that Scripture is not just a "once a week on Sunday" thing, but a valuable instruction manual and encouragement for everyday living. Especially the Monday through Saturday life. The film Welcome To Inspiration: Where Hope Begins features other valuable themes. Forgiveness and the ability to move on after hardship or loss are highlighted throughout the film through the lives of the struggling characters. For many healing started with forgiveness, and forgiveness started with someone pointing out the word of God. For others, healing began when they opened up their hearts once more to allow God to use others to fill them with love, peace, and joy once more. And, as many discover, healing often begins when you lay aside your own desires and look to the needs of others.


The moving stories of Welcome To Inspiration: Where Hope Begins, as well as the valuable themes and lessons, make this a film the entire family can learn from. As you journey with Astin, Marnie, Johnny, Laura Ann, and many more you will discover that God uses the most unique of circumstances to heal our hearts and answer our prayers, and that God's Word is the most important tool in any individual's life.

Welcome To Inspiration: Where Hope Begins has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America. This film received the "Family Approved" award for ages twelve and up from the Dove Foundation. As always, it is recommend that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but the film Welcome To Inspiration: Where Hope Begins is considered appropriate for most older audiences.

Based on the street sweeper by tim enochs

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