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  • Languages: English, French, German, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
  • Run Time: 83 Minutes
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A Vow to Cherish DVD

A Vow to Cherish is a touching and heart-wrenching film about a couple who endures a great trial. John and Ellen Brighton are married and love each other deeply. They enjoy a happy life with two children, and are devoted to one another. However, the strength of their marriage is tested when Ellen is diagnosed with a terrible illness that robs her of her vitality. John must decide whether he will stay strong and remain true to their marriage or if he will give in to the temptations that surround him. Will their love for each other remain strong, despite the trials surrounding them? A Vow to Cherish has been called a "must-see" for all couples as it teaches important lessons about loyalty and remaining faithful to one's spouse.


A Vow to Cherish begins at the happy home of John and Ellen Brighton. Their marriage is still burning brightly and their love for each other has not diminished over the years. The central part of their marriage is their faith in God. He has sustained them throughout both of their lives, and they continue to put their trust in him. This has given them great joy, as they know that he will never leave them.

John is co-owner of an extremely successful business, and this brings him great joy in life. He is very blessed to have such a prosperous business, and he never fails to thank God for this. Ellen is an elementary school teacher and dearly loves the children that she teaches. She invests herself in their lives and receives great joy from doing this. However, A Vow to Cherish takes a dramatic and unexpected turn when something goes terribly wrong one day. At a speaking engagement, Ellen is up on the platform, delivering a speech. Right in the middle of this, she passes out and is rushed to the hospital.

John receives news of this and instantly goes to the hospital to be with his wife. He prays that she simply fainted and that nothing is seriously wrong with her. The doctor arrives and the couple is faced with dreadful news. The tests at the hospital have shown that Ellen is slowly coming down with Alzheimer's disease. This will rob her of her memory and will slowly erode her mind, causing her to forget the people around her. John and Ellen are devastated, knowing that this will greatly change their relationship. A Vow to Cherish shows them desperately praying for healing and placing their faith in God, no matter what comes.

As time goes on, Ellen continues to get worse. She is slowly losing all of her memories and the people around her are fading into unfamiliar faces. She no longer recognizes her own daughter, Terri, which causes her great pain. She feels rejected by her own mother, though she knows that Ellen cannot control what is happening to her. Slowly, A Vow to Cherish finds the Brighton family falling apart. Ellen and John held the family together, and without her, he is completely lost. The very foundation that the family stood upon is slowly slipping away from them, and they do not know how to recover this.

Ellen's disease is completely tearing John apart. He loves her so deeply that he does not even want to imagine life without her. She has been his faithful companion throughout all their years together, and without her, he feels very alone. His business is slipping away from him, as he has not been able to devote the necessary attention to it. A Vow to Cherish shows the depth of emotion within John, and the struggle that he is suddenly faced with. To clear his head, he has been jogging recently. While jogging one day, he meets a beautiful woman named Julia Sinclair. She is very bright and provides him with someone to talk to and laugh with. Slowly, he finds himself falling for her, because she is able to mentally support him during this time. Temptation drives him closer to Julia, and he almost heads down a very dangerous path.

However, before he goes any further, John realizes what he is doing to his wife. Though she does not remember him anymore, he is still married to her. He still loves her with every fiber of his being, though she does not know or understand this now. His time with Julia is a blatant disregard to his marriage, and John is immediately ashamed of his action. He begs God for forgiveness and continues to pray for the strength to survive the tragedy gripping his family. It seems to him as if God has completely abandoned him, and his faith starts to fail.

A Vow to Cherish finds John a very broken man. He is lost without his wife, lost without his faith, and dealing with a very strong temptation before him. Suddenly, in the midst of it all, God reaches out to him clearly and loudly and wakes him up. John realizes what has happened to him and he discovers that God never left him. Instead, he stopped listening to God. His faith is restored to him and he returns to Ellen's side as she slowly slips away. This film shows John's amazing emotional journey and the love that binds him to his dying wife. As her mind slips away from his, his heart grows ever closer to her. This film shows the depth of true love and the importance of marriage. Though his wife no longer remembers him, John knows that he still loves his wife and is still responsible for her. They are still married before the law and in the eyes of God, and John remains true to Ellen. A Vow to Cherish is a must-see for all couples, as it teaches many important lessons about faith in God and devotion to your spouse. This film is heart-wrenching and deeply emotional, and will touch the hearts and lives of all who watch it.

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"It is written, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.".. ” - Matthew 4:4