Unfair: Exposing the I.R.S. DVD

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  • Director: Judd Saul
  • Producer: Craig Bergman, John Sullivan
  • Languages: English
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Region Code: 1
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Unfair: Exposing the I.R.S. DVD

This is not another scary movie. This is real. When Harry Reid even says, "What the IRS did is inexcusable" you know this is serious.

UnFair tells the true story of how the IRS is under the tacit approval of the president and has battered your personal freedoms and the very moralities of our nation. The Founding Fathers wrote that when any form of government becomes damaging to the ability of the people to protected life, liberty, and property, it is the duty of the people to amend or obliterate it.

UnFair reveals the inner workings and dealings of the IRS, the agency charged with the implementation of egregious acts of force and violence. It brings together many points of view to demonstrate the clear, moral case against the IRS, not only for its unnecessary taxation but its actions against the very values upon which this nation was founded.

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