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  • Languages: English
  • Run Time: 120 Minutes
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Closed Captioning: Yes
  • Region Code: 1
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To Save A Life - DVD

Please Note: Despite having a strong Christian Message; To Save A Life does contain mature content and is rated PG-13. The Dove Foundation has awarded this film it's "Faith Based" seal with cautions for Sex and Drug use. Read the full Dove Review here.

Cutting Edge Christian Teen Drama, exploring all of the difficult issues teens wrestle with.

In To Save A Life, Jake Taylor has everything, friends, popularity, a basketball scholarship and the most coveted girl in school. How could things get better?

Enter Roger Dawson. Roger has nothing. No friends. No hope. Nothing but putdowns and getting pushed around. Jake and Roger were best friends as kids. But the politics of high school pulled them apart. These days, Roger doesn't fit in Jake's group of friends or anyone's group. He has had enough.

One day, he walks onto campus with a gun in his pocket and pain in his heart and makes a tragic last move. Jake's attempt to reach out at the last second can't stop Roger.

Tragedy rocks Jake's world. Something inside sends him questioning. He can't shake the question; could I have saved Roger? In a search for answers, Jake finds himself looking for the next Roger and reaching out to the outcasts and lonely. But he quickly finds that crossing class groups threatens everything his world is built on. It may end up costing him his own friends, his girl, his dreams and his reputation. Is it worth the price to find the answer to his ultimate question; what do I want my life to be about?

Special Features Include:

Filmmaker Commentary

Deleted Scenes

Gag Reel

Featurette: To Save a Life: Behind the Scenes

Music Videos

"Bounce" by J-Rus

"Sunset Cliffs" by Paul Wright

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