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  • Cast: Kyle Idleman,
  • Producer: City on a Hill
  • Release Date: 2/9/11

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The Song Movie

The Song is a touching story inspired by the book Song of Songs. This film follows Jed King, a man who finds out just how tough and compromising the life of a star can be. Jed's dream is to be a famous singer and songwriter, so he actively chases these dreams. His father, David King, was a famous country singer whose reputation was tainted toward the end of his career. Jed struggles to emerge from the shadows of his father's mistakes and seek out his own path of fame.

He is determined to make a name for himself, so he accepts an offer to play a gig at a local vineyard harvest festival. Though this decision seems small and somewhat insignificant, it forever changes the course of his life. At the festival, he meets the vineyard owner's daughter, Rose. He is captured by her beauty and her sweet spirit, and the two begin a romance. They fall deeply in love with each other and end up getting married.

The day after their wedding, Jed is inspired to write a ballad for Rose. He entitles this "The Song", dedicated to his new bride. It is produced and released, and quickly becomes a viral hit. This song launches him into stardom and fame, the opportunity he has been awaiting for quite some time. This career leads him to tour all around the country. Jed's constant travel causes some tension between him and Rose, as he is never home and she begins to wonder what he is doing on all those nights away from home.

Shelby Bale, a warm up artist, begins touring with Jed. She drives a wedge between Jed and Rose as he begins to spend more and more time with her, and is tempted by her beauty. He succumbs to Shelby's temptation and gives in to infidelity. His life starts spiraling out of control as he begins this affair with another woman. Eventually, he is tempted by alcohol and drugs, abusing both and further wrecking his marriage and his life.

The only thing that seems to be going right in his life is his career. Unfortunately, he suffers a huge emotional meltdown on stage in front of a crowd, due to the weight of his guilt and stress of his demanding career. This causes him to lose what has consumed him; fame and stardom.

Though it seems like everything has fallen apart and his life couldn't get any worse, Jed's life is actually taking a turn for the better. He realizes that he has sinned greatly and needs to apologize to those around him. His heart is grieved by the way he has carelessly treated Rose, and he earnestly seeks restoration in their relationship. He realizes just how misplaced his affections have been and reorganizes his priorities. He falls on his knees before God, begging for forgiveness and healing.

The Song poses the question of whether it is worth gaining the whole world if you lose your soul in the process. This film discusses the temptations that come with stardom and the importance of staying to true to what is real and actually important in life. Inspired by Song of Songs, this film is poignant and powerful.

Alan Powell

Alan Powell, the actor who plays Jed King in The Song was formerly a band member of Anthem Lights. This band consists of four male singers, and they cover popular songs. They have also produced an original album of worship songs. He, along with current member Chad Graham, founded Anthem Lights together.

Alan and Chad originally started the group by themselves and intended to just have the two of them. However, as they continued with their process they realized that many of their songs would sound better with a group. They recruited Kyle Kupecky and Caleb Grimm and together started what is now known as Anthem Lights.

Alan, while still involved with Anthem Lights, won the role of Jed King in The Song. This was his first major acting role. His acting talent is critically acclaimed, and his career as an actor has continued to grow steadily. On February 1st, 2016, Alan announced that he was leaving Anthem Lights in order to pursue his budding acting career. Though a tough decision, Alan believes that God is calling him to be an actor in order to further the Gospel in the world.

Themes in The Song

The Song manages to be highly entertaining, as well as deliver an important message about the consequences of compromising. Jed King dreams of stardom and wishes for almost nothing else. When he meets his wife Rose, he believes that his world will be absolutely perfect once he achieves his goal of stardom. In fact, his career is launched because of a song that he writes for her.

As soon as he enters the world of stardom, he is enamored. The bright lights and enthusiastic crowds entice him, drawing him deep into their world. He is proud of his musical talent and enjoys touring. Though he is sad to leave his wife Rose behind, the glamorous life of stardom entices him to continue.

As Jed spends more time on the road, he grows farther apart from his wife. Their relationship suffers as he gives into temptation and peer pressure. He feels caught between two worlds; reality and the world of stardom.

This film teaches the importance of not giving into what seems glamorous and enticing. Jed is forced to confront the truth when he realizes that he has traded everything that really matters for a life in the spotlight. Much like King Solomon did in the Bible, Jed trades his soul for something that the world considers to be valuable. This film is a powerful lesson about stardom and the price one must pay for their actions.

The Song is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for thematic elements. It received five Dove seals from the Dove Foundation, and as always, we recommend that you watch the film first and decide if it's appropriate for your family.

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