The Saddle Club Season 1 DVD

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The Saddle Club Season 1

The Saddle Club Season 1 DVD is based on the popular book series by Bonnie Bryant. The Saddle Club follows three girls growing up with the excitement, thrill, and action-packed adventures of the equestrian world. Stevie, Lisa and Carole form The Saddle Club at Pine Hollow Stables and together, the girls are ready to handle anything that comes their way. Each of the girls are different in personality but are all as loyal to each other as they are to their love of horses.

In The Saddle Club Season 1, the girls find themselves taking part in a major horse show. Together the girls overcome their first heartbreaks, the stress of competing in front of hundreds of people, and many other obstacles. Through their joys and their sorrows, the girls of The Saddle Club support one another

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