The Long Goodbye, The Kara Tippetts Story DVD

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The Long Goodbye, The Kara Tippetts Story DVD

Kara Tippetts-a wife and young mother with terminal breast cancer-shares the raw edges of dying with grace, dignity and a sense of humor.

Follow along with this celebrated author and blogger as she navigates through our greatest fear, suffering and dying. As a happily married pastor's wife with four wonderful kids, a terminal breast cancer diagnosis wasn't the storybook ending Kara imagined - yet she remains upbeat and inspirational through it all. Kara helps us realize  that time is precious, and through her incredible honesty and ever-present humor she reminds us that life is indeed a gift.

Bonus features:

>Ann Voskamp humbly shares how she started as Kara's mentor, but ended up feeling as if Kara mentored her.

>Joni Erickson eloquently speaks of her and Kara's suffering and how they turned it into a blessing.

>Joanna Gaines fondly recalls her trip to decorate Kara's house for Christmas.


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