The Heavens Declare Episode 2 DVD + Digital

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  • Director: Kyle Justice
  • Producer: Kyle Justice
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 3/31/12
  • Run Time: 50 Minutes
  • Closed Captioning: No
  • Region Code: 0
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The Heavens Declare Episode 2: Challenges to the Big Bang

The Heavens Declare is a three episode series dedicated to comparing Creationist beliefs and Evolutionist beliefs. This DVD is the second installment in the series, entitled Challenges to the Big Bang. This episode takes a closer look at the ideas of the Big Bang Theory and then starts to look at the discrepancies between these ideas and the evidence actually found in science. Then, Creationist beliefs are examined and compared to science. The results of Evolution against science and Creation of science are vastly different, giving viewers an interesting and informative insight into what truly happened when the universe began.

Nothing More than Theories

The Heavens Declare Episode 2: Challenges to the Big Bang is filled with information about the beginning of time and what really happened. This particular episode closely examines the Big Bang Theory and the core beliefs that make up Evolutionism.

All of Evolutionist beliefs stem from the idea that the world was created when a large explosion took place. This spawned matter and the very first life forms. These were simplified versions of what we had today, which is where the ideas of evolution come in. These life forms, over millions of years, slowly evolved from one thing to another, becoming more complex as time went on. The earth started out very differently than the earth that we know today, as erosion took place and time shaped the earth geographically to be what we have in our present day. Challenges to the Big Bang does something contrary to what is normally done and closely examines science to see if it matches up with evolutionist theories.

The results are surprising, but those who believe in an intelligent designer and a young earth should not be surprised. Evolution is so often widely accepted as fact, and no one seems to challenge the ideas that make up this theory. It is regarded as fact, when it is nothing more than a group of theories. When closely examined, these theories are often contradictory to each other and are extremely contradictory to science. The universe was designed by a Creator, and his fingerprints are evident in every single piece of creation. From the organized design of the Earth to the consistency found in every life form on this planet, one thing is evident. This was not random.

Challenges to the Big Bang is a controversial film because it calls out evolution for being nothing more than a group of theories thought to be fact. This, however, is not the truth and this DVD seeks to bring the truth of creation to light.

Could God Have Used the Big Bang?

Challenges to the Big Bang provides viewers with a dynamic viewpoint that shows many different ideas and conclusions. The evidence is presented in a logical and scientific way, showing that it is data and not the opinions of someone. Perhaps the most interesting viewpoint presented is that of Christians who try to defend or reason with the Big Bang.

Instead of simply discounting it because it is an idea of evolution, these people believe that God could have used the Big Bang for his glory. They lie in the middle of evolution and creation, because they believe that God exists and did have a hand in the creation of the universe, but used the Big Bang to start creation. The Bible clearly states that God created the world with his two hands and did it in six literal days. Those who believe that he used the Big Bang are not relying on science or the information in the Bible, but are simply trying to find common ground between two theories. They try to tie them together in a manner that seems reasonable, though it is not.

Equipping Viewers

Challenges to the Big Bang not only examines these theories and debunks them, but it also equips the viewers with the ability to be discerning and to seek out truth on their own. This film is perfect for anyone who is wishing to be able to sort through the different theories and ideas about science and the creation of the world.

Anyone can figure out how the world was created by simply looking at the truth and the facts of the science. This film takes viewers through a process of deductive reasoning and logic as they hunt through different parts of science. The other two episodes in The Heavens Declare provide viewers with even more ways to discover the truth behind the beginnings of the world. Each episode finds the creators of the film undergoing a very specific and organized process in order to discern the truth. Theories are examined closely to determine whether they are fact or are simply nothing more than theories.

Perhaps the most important part of this film is the lesson that it provides viewers with. Evolution is widely renowned as fact, but this is in fact, far from the truth. The beliefs that make up evolutionist theories are simply hypotheses, but because so many people stand by them, they are regarded as fact. This film is full of knowledge and the scientific processes necessary to find out what is truth and what is simply theory.

The Heavens Declare Episode 2: Challenges to the Big Bang is full of scientific information, as well as helpful tools to equip viewers with the knowledge necessary to figure out the truth for themselves. It does not impose one specific viewpoint or idea on viewers, but guides them along a journey to the truth. In the end, it finds in favor of Creation and an intelligent designer, but it does not tell viewers to believe this and simply be on their way. Instead, they are encouraged to seek out the truth for themselves and determine what is fact and what is fiction. This concept applies to areas far beyond science, and will give viewers the sagacity needed to seek out the truth in the real world.

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