The Spreading Flame 5 DVD Collection

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The Spreading Flame 5 DVD Collection

One act of courage, one act of defiance forever altered the history of the Church, and the history of the world. That act of bravery was heard once as Martin Luther pounded his hammer against the sturdy doors of the church, nailing up his ninety-five Theses, but the sound echoed throughout the ages, and can still be heard today. Study the brave actions of Martin Luther and other giants of the Reformation through the five films in The Spreading Flame Collection. As you come to better understand the actions of a few men, you will be encouraged by God's providence and his power over the paths of men and nations.

The Spreading Flame Collection includes all five DVDs from The Spreading Flame series:

Comes the Dawn, Story of the Bible, Champions of Freedom, Winds of Change, and The Reformation Comes of Age.

Volume 1: Comes The Dawn

Comes The Dawn, the first volume of The Spreading Flame Collection focuses on the small and flickering beginnings of the Reformation. This first film sets the stage, introducing the climate and society which Martin Luther knew. It was the beginning of the second millennium, and superstition, ceremony, untruth, and darkness seemed to cover the Western world. Yet, as The Spreading Flame: Comes The Dawn will introduce, light was beginning to break. The first volume of this collection introduces the background, climate, and key figures of what would grow into the Protestant Reformation.

Volume 2: Story of the Bible

While Comes The Dawn focuses on the people and movements of the early Reformation, volume two The Spreading Flame: Story of the Bible focuses on the book which began it all"ÌÎÌ_ÌÎ?the Bible. After decades without access to God's Word, men were hungry for the truth. So, when Martin Luther started the flame, it quickly spread across Europe. The Spreading Flame: Story of the Bible focuses on the efforts of John Wycliffe and William Tyndale to put God's Word into the hands of common man. Tracing the story of the English Bible from the beginning moments of the Reformation through its journey across England, The Spreading Flame: Story of the Bible will show viewers of all ages the power and preciousness of God's Word.

Volume 3: Champions of Freedom

Turning its focus from Germany and England to Scotland and Switzerland, the third volume of the series, The Spreading Flame: Champions of Freedom, introduces viewers to lives and work of Scottish reformer John Knox and the Swissman Ulrich Zwingly. Weaving the lives of these two men of faith into the larger picture of the Reformation, The Spreading Flame Collection illustrates the persecution and martyrdom reformers faced, while also showing how the lives of these early men and women laid a foundation of faith for those who would follow.

Volume 4: Winds of Change

The Reformation brought both turmoil and transformation in its wake as the third volume The Spreading Flame: Winds of Change shows. As the Reformation moves across Switzerland two men, Ulrich Zwingly and John Calvin, leave their mark on Protestantism and a nation is radically transformed by the gospel. Meanwhile, in England King Henry VIII begins what would be known as the English Reformation, resulting in the Church of England. Focusing on the changes the Revolution brought in its wake, The Spreading Flame: Winds of Change continues the narrative set up in the first three films of the series.

Volume 5: The Reformation Comes of Age

The Spreading Flame: The Reformation Comes of Age, the final volume of The Spreading Flame Collection, continues to follow the life and ministry of John Calvin as well as the growing Church of England. As new players enter and exit the story of the Reformation, viewers are reminded that God's promise to build the Church stood and stand throughout all time, against all adversaries, and despite all odds. The Spreading Flame: The Reformation Comes of Age concludes the narrative of the Reformation, yet encourages viewers to look ahead to the advance of the Gospel in their own world of spiritual darkness, much like Martin Luther.̴Ì_

The Story of the Gospel, The Story of History

For so many studying the Gospel, their study stops at the end of Revelation. Yet, God's story of salvation continued long after the early apostles died. It is a story that has continued across time, and space to meet individuals across history with the redeeming story of grace. The Spreading Flame Collection will help viewers remember that God's story continues long after Jesus' ascension. As you study the men and times of the Reformation you will be encouraged by the stories of great men and women of faith. You will be reminded that God's grace knows no bounds, and that his power to transform the hearts of man and the course of history is no hindered no matter how large the obstacles. The stories found in The Spreading Flame Collection are more than stories, and they are more than history. They are reminders of God's goodness, his providence, his power, and his plan throughout history and how he can use even the weakest of men to change the course of history.


Whether studying the history of the Protestant Reformation for church, school or simply personal interest The Spreading Flame Collection is the perfect way to dive deep into the issues and people of the movement that rocked the world. With solid history, thought-provoking commentary, and Biblically sound principles The Spreading Flame Collection offers you a glimpse into the lives and legacies of men who shaped the Reformation like never before. Each volume ranges from 55 to 80 minutes long and is perfect for use in a Sunday school, classroom, or Bible study.

The Spreading Flame Collection has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America and may include topics and issues not suitable for younger viewers. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but The Spreading Flame Collection is generally considered appropriate for most older audiences.

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