Seven Deadly Words DVD

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  • Cast: Roy Lynam, Mark A Ginther
  • Director: Doc Benson
  • Producer: Mie Mith
  • Languages: English
  • Dove Approved: Dove Approved Ages 12+
  • Run Time: 96 min
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Subtitles: English
  • Closed Captioning: Yes
  • Region Code: 1
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Seven Deadly Words DVD

Evan Bennett finds himself overwhelmed having just arrived to Connersville, Indiana to become the Pastor at Egypt Valley Community Church. Out of money and missing a connection with the locals, Bennett's church is in need of a strong front-runner to step up for tradition. Taking up the challenge, Pastor Evan and others from the church congregation made a goal to fix the current facility, reconstruct relationships and make money to contribute to the church's low bank account. When a monetary issue jeopardizes the church's actuality, Bennett proposes a budget proposal that to those around him seems contentious. This proposal does not seem suitable to the Haman family who are set on Seven Deadly Words̴Ì_"We've Never Done it That Way". Evan has a challenge in his hands.

More of the story from Seven Deadly Words DVD

Many are surprised with the opening of Seven Deadly Words movie since it includes a train arriving, eerie music to add some tension and also the title in itself offers some kind of mystery. The gripping film is inspired by several true events. Outwardly the movie's plot seems quite simple. Evan Bennett (Roy Lynam ) is a young Pastor who accepts the challenge of ministering an old church in Connersville and discovers that the church is in a profound financial predicament. The head Deacon Vincent Haman (Mark A. Ginther) and his family have much control over the church and say the Seven Deadly Words that close the door to new ideas. At one point Pastor Bennett meets Walt Tannin (Wayne Greeson) and he advises the pastor about how the Haman family were always going to be watching every move he made. Also the pastor's wife Elena (Guisela Moro) is told the same by some ladies as well. It goes to show Pastor Bennet that the community instead of being united is rather divided. In the film is shown the different meetings that were held with the Pastor and his congregation to manage the church's budget. Turns out that the big problem was that the funds were not appropriately used, a huge amount of money was being sent to help in the missions and the local church was left with nothing. One of Vincent Haman's daughters is working as a missionary so he is invested in maintaining that money from the church for the missions.

Now in Seven Deadly Words DVD, Pastor Evan works hard to continue to bring more people to the church and offer a well-round budget that can save the status of the church even though there are many in opposition to his plan. When he seems to have found success with the church something happens to bring him down. By the end of the film, there are various mysteries and twists that will leave viewers wanting more.

One of the goals of this film is to remind people that they should set priorities in the church. That yes, the church has a certain responsibility to help the necessities of the congregation and the missions also. But if the church is no more then the missions are affected by it, there has to be a balance in it all and a compromise. For a moment in the film, Evan's wife doubts her husband's way of thought about the whole situation. But Evan is sure of what he has to do and that he had been called there for a reason. The writer of the film presents a parallel between Paul and Pastor Evan. In Paul‰ۡóÁÌ_́ÌÎ_̴Ìös letter to the Galatians, he says that Jesus himself was the one who made him an Apostle. Evan also believed that God has called him to bring that church back to life and that he had the Lord's support.

The cast of Seven Deadly Words DVD

Most of the stars of this film are not greatly recognized but were greatly selected and cast. Roy Lynam and Guisela Moro who play Evan and Elena Bennett are a great choice to play the couple and their acting makes the viewers truly believe their desire to revive the church. Mark Ginther who plays Vincent Haman plays the role to perfection as a man who seems to be truly worried about the church but really is masking this evil plans. Shane Willimon and Wayne Greeson portray their characters really well and add to the movie and the other characters in a great way.

Awards won by Seven Deadly Words DVD

Seven Deadly Words movie has won several awards and was presented in the prestigious Cannes Film Festival which is really infrequent with Christian films. The movie is one that will bring the conversation about the church and its necessities plus that the true goal of the church should be to teach the Word and the Gospel. In the movie, one of the issues is the mission support but it shows that missionary work starts primarily in our hearts then to our communities and our surroundings. The film was approved by the Dove Foundation as a great movie to watch. Seven Deadly Words won an award for Best Feature Film at The Colony Film Festival and the Coal River Film Festival, Best Director at the GloryReelz Film Festival and in the Churches Making Movies Film Festival, it was the Audience Choice in the Grand Junction Film Festival. Roy Lynam won Best Actor in the Coal River Film Festival and Mark A. Ginther won Best Supporting Actor in the Red Dirt International Film Festival. It has been nominated for Best Editor at the Maverick Movie Awards and nominated for Best Screenplay in the Churches Making Movies Film Festival.

Seven Deadly Words DVD Info

Seven Deadly Words DVD was released in Fall 2013 by Culdee Productions and Egypt Valley Pictures. The film‰ۡóÁÌ_́ÌÎ_̴Ìös duration is of approximately 97 minutes and was written and directed by Doc Benson. Starring in Seven Deadly Words DVD is Roy Lynam (Calloused Hands), Mark A. Ginther (Too Bad), Shane Willimon (7th Street Theater), Guisela Moro (Hollow Creek) and Christopher Hunt (Right To Believe).


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