Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas DVD

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  • Director: Darren Doane
  • Languages: English
  • Dove Approved: Dove Family Approved
  • Release Date: 11/2/11
  • Run Time: 80 minutes
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Subtitles: English, Spanish
  • Closed Captioning: Yes
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Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas

Join in all of the fun, festivities, and excitement of the Christmas season as you watch Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas, a film that shows some of the symbols and special meanings behind all of the different things we associate with Christmas. This film associates the many different symbols and items we associate with Christmas and shows how the Bible gives evidence for how these things point back to the real reason for the Christmas season. Many people like to take away the joy of the season or remove any kind of symbolism that they think is Pagan from Christmas. What they're left with is basically nothing as they begin to see everything that we relate to Christmas as some way of Pagan worship or way of perverting the true meaning of Christmas. But as Kirk Cameron explains in this film is that the things that we have every Christmas aren't perverting the original intent of the Gospel message or trying to take away from Jesus by becoming pagan idols. They're actually there to help us remember what the season is truly all about. There's so much more to Christmas and there's a lot that people may be missing out on. Follow along with Kirk Cameron in this documentary-drama style film in association with Liberty University that takes Christmas back to its roots and expands from there, explaining the significance of the Christmas tree, of the Nativity Scene and even of Santa Claus himself. These are all things that point back to Jesus Christ and his being born in a stable around 2,000 years ago. Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas is a fun and enjoyable Christmas film that helps shed light on a lot of the misconceptions people have about the Christmas season and the different elements that make up what we know as Christmas.

Christmas is about Jesus

If you're a Christian, you know that Christmas is supposed to be a holiday about Jesus and about the incredible gift he gave us when he came down as a baby. He was born of a virgin Mary and he was born into this world as a simple little child, lying in the humblest of cradles -- a manger in a stable in the small and overcrowded town of Bethlehem. But many people believe that we have gotten away from that in our modern celebrations of Christmas. In a lot of ways, they are completely right. A lot of what we see now in the media and in stores is commercialism, encouraging people to buy presents for each other or engage in a lot of worldly commercialism. The farther along we get, the more we try to eschew Jesus and his sacrifice in favor of general goodness and cheer. We try to become so overwhelmed with the gift-giving and presents that we forget about the very real reason for the season. Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas makes the point that, yes, we can go too far in trying to celebrate the season that we forget about the reasons that we're supposed to be celebrating Christmas Day. But Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas focuses more on the other aspect of the issue -- that we go overboard in trying to remove all other symbols and things that mean Christmas in trying to bring back the true message of Jesus Christ. And while this can be a good thing, it's very possible to go overboard. Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas is an important reminder that it is still possible to have all of the things we love about Christmas -- the tree, the lights, the eggnog, even Santa Claus, but still focus on Jesus Christ. This film makes the point that these things were not meant to take away from Jesus, the reason for the season -- they were meant to supplement and enhance the Christmas season, pointing more attention back to Jesus as the reason for the season.

The Story of Saving Christmas

If you think Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas is nothing more than a dry documentary, nothing could be farther from the truth. This film is an excellent blend of both documentary and drama as we are actually introduced to Kirk Cameron and his family before the film. The movie takes place at Kirk's Christmas party where he sees his brother in-law unable to enjoy the festivities because he thinks everything at this party is simply a pagan festivity or ritual. That's why it's up to Kirk Cameron to help him and set the record straight that there is so much more to the symbols and traditions we have every Christmas.

Kirk and his brother in-law Christian take a venture out to their car where they can talk more privately. Kirk asks him why he can't seem to get in on the fun and Christian explains that he's just had enough of all the pagan rituals and demonic things that we try to associate as Christmasy and actually pointing to Jesus. But, point by point, Cameron walks him through the various aspects of Christmas tradition and shows how each piece actually points to Jesus. It's not pagan rituals, it's actually different symbols that point back to that original nativity story. Everything that we associate with Christmas, Cameron rationalizes in Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas, actually points back to Jesus. It's all about him. He is the reason why we celebrate Christmas. While initially Christian is unconvinced, over the course of this movie, he begins to see how he has a lot of misconceptions about faith and what everything truly means. This film is truly an exciting work as it gives us evidence to show others why our Christmas traditions and symbols represent Jesus. This film is a fun and exciting movie that is sure to entertain your family. It would be a great film to sit down and enjoy together over a warm fire and a cup of hot cocoa. It could certainly become a great tool for your family to watch every Christmas. Start a new Christmas tradition today with Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas!

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