Billy Graham Presents: Road to Redemption DVD

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  • Cast: Johnny Meyer, Pat Hingle, Julie Condra, Leo Rossi, Jay Underwood
  • Director: Robert Vernon
  • Producer: Dave Ross, Gordon Druvenga, Jason Behrman, Jason Piette, John Schmidt
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 12/3/97
  • Run Time: 89 minutes
  • Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
  • Region Code: 1
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Billy Graham Presents: Road to Redemption DVD a story about coming closer to God

While stumbling in their economic affairs, a youthful couple is looking into options to make fast money. Amanda's manager is a part of a mob, therefore, she discovers a list of pre-selected winners in a forthcoming horse race and a pile of money. Amanda and her partner Alan make a choice in a whim and take the money, put their bets on a horse and stop owing money. The plan turns amiss and the mob is out to get them. Amanda has no other option but to rely on her prosperous but estranged grandfather. She makes a trip to visit her grandfather and incredulously the trip is going to make a change in her.

The Story of Billy Graham Presents: Road to Redemption DVD

When Amanda Tucker (Julie Condra) from Billy Graham Presents: Road to Redemption DVD asks her grandfather Nathan (Pat Hingle) for $250,000 after taking it from mobster Sully Santoro (Leo Rossi) and losing it because of a bet in a horse race, his condition is simple. He asks Amanda and her boyfriend Alan (Jay Underwood) to drive him from Arizona to Lake Redemption in Montana.

Grandpa Nathan is truly Amanda's last resort to recover the huge amount of money she lost. Amanda and Nathan had not seen each other in 20 years and did not reach out for each other previously. Since so much time has passed since seeing her grandfather, she mistakes his identity in the V.A. hospital as she kisses an elder thinking it was Nathan. Even after this Nathan decides to grant Amanda what she wants but she has to take him to his preferred fishing hole which is many miles away.

Billy Graham Presents: Road to Redemption DVD is filled with heart and with the events and unexpected mishaps that sometimes are involved in a road trip. Wrong directions, car malfunction, being stuck in a foreign place that is unknown is part of the journey for Amanda and Nathan. On the other hand Alan and Vincent (Tony Longo), the mobster, are on their tail. Nathan takes on the opportunity of their journey to talk to his granddaughter about Jesus and share his faith with her. Since he is sick, to Nathan the most important thing about this journey is not the fishing place but spending time with his granddaughter Amanda.

Billy Graham Presents: Road to Redemption DVD is a varied combination of action, comedy and beautiful photography. A very nice film to enjoy. A movie that the whole family can watch and will open discussions with friends and family, specifically within Christian families. To those accustomed to big Hollywood films & to those who are non-believers, Road to Redemption movie may be more of an evangelistic movie but it certainly is a film of quality. Carrying many technical accomplishments. The Word of God is shown in the movie through bits of Billy Graham sermons Nathan listens to in the car and also faith is discussed when Nathan shares his spiritual journey with Amanda. She is on her own way to find redemption and even though that road is rough it makes it to be very life changing.

The Message of Road to Redemption DVD

The film Billy Graham Presents: Road to Redemption DVD is about a young woman's spiritual trek to find redemption. Nathan, the woman's grandfather has found peace and gives credit to God and having Him in every part of his life. In Amanda's case, her life is collapsing. She is occasionally egocentric and focuses on material things. As she seeks material abundance, her knowledgeable and godly grandfather lets her know that the true riches are awaiting in Heaven and how those are much more important than anything else. Billy Graham's sermons are listened to in the car by grandpa Nathan and Amanda eventually does listen to them as well. At one point in the film after finding themselves in trouble, they pray and a group of Bikers for Jesus come to Amanda and Nathan's rescue. The evolution of these characters show the true power of the love of family.

World Wide Pictures have developed strong intricate and astute storylines like Road to Redemption DVD that audiences can identify with. Over the years this company has elevated and inspired the spirit without changing the plot or how each character develops. The Billy Graham organization has shown boldness in having humor be the main description of this film and of the story. The production company has produced other projects like "A Vow to Cherish" and "Something to Sing About" but none of them like Road to Redemption. Not only does the script of the film create an emotional reaction to the audience, it makes them laugh as well. With car chases, quirky and fun characters, the audience is presented with many funny moments throughout the movie. They have known how grab the attention of the viewers with humor but with a clear message. Showing how the life of Nathan was led by prayer, love, patience and had a true worry because of the unsaved state of his granddaughter. This funny yet heartfelt film tells the story of a restoring relationship and discovering oneself while rigorously serving as entertainment for audiences who watch it.

Billy Graham Presents: Road to Redemption DVD description

Road to Redemption DVD is rated PG and made possible by Billy Graham World Wide Pictures. It was released in 2001 and it runs for the duration of 89 minutes. The director of the film is Robert Vernon (The Last Chance Detectives: Legend of the Desert Bigfoot) and producing it is Dave Ross (The Ultimate Gift), Jason Piette (The Merchant of Venice), John Schmidt (A Vow to Cherish), Jason Behrman (Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius) and Gordon Druvenga (The Climb). Starring in Billy Graham Presents: Road to Redemption DVD is Pat Hingle (Batman), Julie Condra (The Wonder Years), Jay Underwood (The Boy Who Could Fly), Leo Rossi (Analyze This) and Tony Longo.

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