The Retrievers DVD

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  • Director: Paul Schneider
  • Producer: Jonathan Bogner
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 9/10/03
  • Run Time: 90 Minutes
  • Screen Format: FS
  • Region Code: 1
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The Retrievers

The Lowry family is down in the dumps. They have just moved from their fast paced busy life, to a small quiet town and they are having a hard time adjusting. That is when a stray golden retriever named Pilot adopts the family. Along with her six puppies which arrive a few days later. When the Lowry family gives the puppies up for adoption Pilot is determined to retrieve them, and so are the Lowry's after they realize how much the puppies cheered them up. What follows is a comical adventure to retrieve the retriever's puppies in the lighthearted film The Retrievers. Get ready for a fun Christian comedy in this wholesome film perfect for the whole family.

The Story

For advertising executive Tom Lowry (Robert Hays) a tiny, rural, picturesque community is exactly what he needs after years of rush in the big city. His equally busy wife Karen(Mel Harris) agrees. So, the two decide to swap their stress filled life in the big city, for a more peaceful one in North Carolina's rural areas. The couple from The Retrievers have one problem, however. Their kids Liz (Alana Austin) and Widdy (Taylor Emerson) do not agree. The teen and tween are far from enchanted with the idea of living life in the middle of nowhere. After a few rough weeks in the new town, their parents are inclined to agree. It is not that the town or house are bad-- far from it-- it just seems that adjusting to life in a quiet, sleepy town after a bustling big city is a bit harder than they anticipated. Enter the real star of The Retrievers, a stray golden retriever named Pilot who adopts the Lowrys. After a few attempts to get rid of the dog end in failure, the Lowrys decide to keep their newest (and possibly only) friend in the town. Things start looking a little more cheerful for the big city folks. When a trip to the vet reveals Pilot is pregnant, and six puppies arrive a few days later, however, it seems the Lowry's newly found peace is shattered once more. Flying fur, chewed slippers, missing newspapers, and plenty of puppy kisses result as the Lowrys get used to seven dogs under one roof. It appears that the puppies and humans have fallen in love. The executive decision has been made, however, and Tom sets about reminding the family that the puppies must be adopted. Sorrow seems to build, however, as the puppies are one by one claimed by new owners. It seems that the family from The Retrievers is back where they began-- down in the dumps. It does not take long for Pilot to decide she wants her puppies back, and it does not take long for the Lowrys to agree. Tracking the puppies down is a bit harder though. Will the Lowry's be able to regain their lost dogs and their lost happiness?

The Puppies

The highlight of the film The Retrievers is undoubtedly the adorable, mischievous golden retriever puppies. While they manage to make life semi chaotic for the Lowry's, the puppies add a wonderful element of humor and cuteness to the film. For any animal lover out there, they are enough to make you go buy another pet, and for the not-so-animal-lover, they might be enough to melt your heart. The puppies add a wonderful element of life lessons to the film The Retrievers. Number one, do not leave your slippers out unattended. Number two, you might want to switch to e-newspapers if you ever want to read one again. Number three, fences are a must for any backyard. In all seriousness, however, the puppies add a wonderful reminder that we should all think before we make decisions-- from leaving our slippers on the couch to putting our puppies up for adoption.

Other Lessons

Thinking before making a decision or action is one important lesson viewers can learn or be reminded of from the film The Retrievers. Another important lesson viewers can learn, and families can discuss, is what kindness looks like. The Retrievers makes it clear that both people and animals need kindness and love to thrive, but viewers can discuss how displaying love to animals and humans is different. The Retrievers also serves as an important reminder about how valuable friendship is. The Lowrys, without any friends or companionship were not the most joyful people, but even the friendship of a lost dog took them leaps and bounds higher in the happiness category. The film also serves as a valuable reminder to not take anything for granted, and that the most unexpected of circumstances are sometimes exactly what we need.


With plenty of puppies, a few adventures, some action, and a wide dose of humor The Retrievers makes for a lighthearted film the entire family can enjoy. As the Lowrys run about the town retrieving their lost retrievers, viewers of all ages can remember that our decisions have consequences and we should think before we act. Lessons about kindness and happiness (as well as the importance of putting away your slippers) sprinkle the film with meaning and opportunities for discussion. From chewed up slippers to lost newspapers and everything in between the Lowrys and their dogs remind viewers that sometimes God's biggest blessings come in the smallest and most unexpected of packages.

The Retrievers has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America, and may contain issues and topics not suitable for young viewers. As always, it is recommend that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but the lighter nature of the film The Retrievers means it is considered appropriate for most audiences.

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