Reformation Overview DVD with PDFs

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  • Languages: English
  • Run Time: 3 hours

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Reformation Overview DVD with PDFs

This is a church history series that includes six programs of half an hour that boldly represents what happened in the times of the Reformation, its very different leaders and the turning points that altered the course of history.

Among the episodes there's:

Episode 1 John Wycliffe from Reformation Overview DVD - Wycliffe was called by many the "Morningstar". This brave predecessor opened the way for big changes to arrive. His lessons tested the authorities but they chose to exile him. That same exile from his country gave him the opportunity for his enormous accomplishment that would benefit many people and Christians, the translation of the Bible to the language of English.

Episode 2 John Hus from Reformation Overview DVD: Hus was the one who brought Wycliffe's unprecedented work forward. His committed requests for reform took him to the Council of Constance. In front of the Council, he was betrayed by false allegations. He declined to surrender and was sentenced to death by burning at the stake. He passed singing.

Episode 3 Martin Luther from Reformation Overview DVD: He wanted to be in the solemn atmosphere of the monastery. There filled with guilt, the monk came to know the freedom of the Word of God. He felt he had to talk about it and couldn't stop. Nor he could stop the chain of events that happened that put him in a life-changing role that would form the modern world.

Episode 4 Ulrich Zwingli and John Calvin from Reformation Overview DVD: These men both guided the Reformation in the country of Switzerland. Both were competent intellectuals so they had to explain the newly received features of the Gospel in the middle of a cyclone of change, communal disorder, and oppositions at the great magnitude. Be from Geneva or Zurich, these writings and developments from these men would change the church from all over the world.

Episode 5 The Anabaptists from Reformation Overview DVD: This group was called "The Radicals" and they were against basically everyone between politicians, Catholics, and even Protestants. Michael and Margaretha Sattler, two of the early leaders, were killed for their ideologies while they were still young of age but their legacy continues to live on.

Episode 6 God's Outlaw: William Tyndale from Reformation Overview DVD: This simple, young intellect was one of the most pursued fugitives in history. He was hunted down by Cardinal Wolsey, King Henry VIII, Sir Thomas More and others as well. What was his crime? Translating and giving out Bibles in the English language. He was eventually found and killed but his insatiable outlook was tremendously fulfilled.

The message of Reformation Overview DVD with PDFs

Nowadays most of the regions of the world have what is known as religious freedom and sometimes people are quick to forget the price many had to pay because they expressed their faith. Also, the gospel and amounts of theology are available at hands length but people also forget that the belief and faith that they know has been bought at the price of much tears and blood. The history of Christianity and the church is full of stories about people who gave it all for the Scriptures and for what God meant to them no matter the consequence of their life. Even those who survived and their lives weren't sacrificed, they would pay a horrible price as they were hated and cast off by everyone around them. Very much gratitude is offered to those who paved the way for the liberty of talking about faith so openly.

Reformation Overview DVD gives viewers half an hour episodes that demonstrate the outlook of some of the people who God used to keep the Christian faith alive. The DVD has the President of the Christian History Institute, Dr. Ken Curtis, as narrator jointly with clips that add to the series. It explores some of the most important Reformer figures like John Hus, John Calvin, John Wycliffe and Martin Luther. Dr. Curtis adds narration to many of the scenes that are of the utmost importance in the history of the church for example, the monument that showed where John Hus was badly burned, the pulpit where John Wycliffe last preached a sermon, the famous door from the Wittenburg Cathedral and the well-known room where the Bible was translated into the English language by William Tyndale. In that moment history becomes alive again no only by the appearance of these famous locations but throughout the whole series.

What viewers will learn from Reformation Overview DVD is extremely beneficial.

They will know about the conflict that has continuously followed Christian believers as they endeavor to discover more of the Bible and spread Jesus' message to the regions. The audience will also learn about the price many have had to pay because of what they truly believed. They will come to know about the big faith all those people had and displayed great examples of what a true believer is. This series will strengthen viewer's faith and make them understand the importance of continuous learning about history and specifically the history of the church. History very often is considered a thing of the past and there is where it needs to stay but history is an important part of the faith and it gives people a link to those who displayed excellent faith back then.

Reformation Overview DVD Info and features

Reformation Overview DVD has a duration of three hours which includes six episodes of 30 minutes each. The DVD series was produced by Gateway Films and Vision Video. This series includes documents that are included for the viewers as PDFs. There is an almost 50-page guide with extra information, questions for discussion and a Bible study for every episode. Also, the PDFs include a student guide and workbook to fill out. These documents add an even greater value to the series and it's easy to incorporate into a Bible Study group or a homeschooling class. Reformation Overview is a good series to have available in church or in local schools.

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