Reformation Dramas 5 DVD Set

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Reformation Dramas 5 DVD Pack

Reformation Dramas: 5 DVD Pack is a collection of five dramas focusing on the lives of those who made a difference during the Reformation. Studying the lives of John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, John Hus, and more, this is a powerful collection of DVDs that will give you a unique perspective on this interesting time in history. See how simple men were able to change the world and bring about hope and a return to Christ. This is a stunning collection of films chronicling many different incredible lives. Featuring 5 different dramas all related to the Reformation, this DVD pack contains over 6 and a half hours of content.

John Wycliffe: The Morning Star

The first film in the Reformation Dramas: 5 DVD Pack is John Wycliffe: The Morning Star, unique drama showcasing the life of John Wycliffe and his incredible impact on the world during the Reformation. Wycliffe had a unique idea when he was in this world". What if everyone was able to read the bible for themselves? During his time, very few people were able to have access to a bible, and even if they did, they probably weren't able to read it because it wasn't in a language they understood.

And so began Wycliffe's journey to translate the Bible into a language that could be understood by the general public. Because the Bible was only available in a Latin translation, Wycliffe made it his goal, along with the help of his good friend John Purvey, to translate the Bible from the Latin translation that was most commonly used into a plain English version. The church, at the time, did not approve of this translation, as it took a lot of power away from the church and allowed the public to read the Bible for itself. The church saw this as a danger, as it meant the public could "fact-check" what they were teaching and even find places in the scriptures that show that the church could be wrong on certain issues. The church did what they could to convict Wycliffe of heresy, but before charges could be pressed, Wycliffe, unfortunately, passed away. Although he wasn't able to finish his translation of the Bible, he paved the way and fanned the flame for others to finish it and present the Bible to the world.

God's Outlaw: The William Tyndale Story

In the next film in the Reformation Dramas: 5 DVD Pack, we take an in-depth look at the life of William Tyndale. In this touching film, we learn about Tyndale's efforts and how he became known as the Father of the English Bible. His story is brought to life in this wonderful drama, showing how he tried to translate the Bible into English, how the church tried to stop him, and how he was able to spark a change throughout the world. During Tyndale's time, Bibles were not as easily found and same as John Wycliffe's story, people were unable to read the Bible for themselves.

Tyndale saw the danger in having the church be the only ones in power of reading the Bible, and so he set out to make an English translation. Eventually, he was able to make four translations of the Bible, which were published and spread to the masses. Tyndale had been able to spread the gospel message to millions who may have never been able to read the Bible and understand true Christianity.

Martin Luther

The Reformation Dramas: 5 DVD Pack saga continues as we now turn to the life of Martin Luther. In this 1950s black and white film, we follow along with Martin Luther as he publishes his 95 theses and begins to spark true change throughout the world. This biography follows Luther, paying careful attention to the minute details of his life. This gives a personable but also knowledgeable and historical look at his life, showing some of his theses and teachings and chronicling the spark he created that transformed the world. Because of its countless hours of research, this DVD closely resembles its source material and contains a powerful message for fans of Martin Luther. His life was truly historical and essential to bringing about change. An outspoken critic of the church's indulgences and a true believer in the death and resurrection of Christ, Luther would challenge many of their beliefs and cause thousands to rethink everything they had been taught.

The Radicals

In the year 1525, Michael and Margaretha Satller join the Anabaptist movement. After becoming enlightened by some of the church's oppressive practices, they take action to break up the control of the church that has been held for over a thousand years. Their goal is to restore the church and purify it. They see how the church has become corrupted over centuries and centuries and they decide to bring about change however they can. But as the determination of the Anabaptists grows, so does the determination of their opposition. Willing to do whatever it takes to maintain their control over the church, Michael and Margaretha's enemies face a lethal challenge ahead.

John Hus

The Reformation Dramas: 5 DVD Pack ends on a thrilling note by telling the story of John Hus. While very few historical books will touch on this man's life, you will see in this epic film just how revolutionary Hus was in his teachings and beliefs. Having been alive 100 years before Martin Luther and the beginning of the Protestant Reformation, Hus began to present the idea that the Bible should be made available to people in their own native tongue. He was uncomfortable with the idea of the church controlling everything that the people learned and he saw it fit that people be able to check the words of their teachers against the scriptures themselves. Because of these beliefs, Hus was put in prison, accuse of heresy and was ultimately executed for his revolutionary ideas that we now take for granted.

Through these 5 films presented in the Reformation Dramas: DVD Pack, you will see how singular men were able to bring about the Reformation and change the world around them.

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