The Privileged Planet and Unlocking the Mystery of Life 2 DVD Combo Pack

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The Privileged Planet and Unlocking the Mystery of Life 2 DVD Combo Pack

In The Privileged Planet DVD a group of scientists, including philosophers, are declaring that Planet Earth is a standard grain of dust which has no motive or importance located in a large infinite expanse. But present-day planetary confirmation happens to indicate the contrary. There's discovery that some unusual and specific selection of elements make Planet Earth acceptable for intricate existence. Via extraordinary animation, conversations with important scientists, and clear representations of Earth and universe The Privileged Planet movie looks into a surprising association connecting our need to remain alive with our capability to watch and comprehend the cosmos. Did this connection happen by chance? Or does it lead to a more profound reality of motive and brilliant design inside the universe?

The Unlocking the Mystery of Life DVD narrates the experience of skilled, present-day scientists that are approaching a convincing concept, the intelligent design premise. Using updated animation, Unlocking the Mystery of Life documentary leads you to the inside of an animate cell to research structures and contraptions that contain the distinctive characteristic of its representation. Explore the complexity of a microorganism by its miniscule rotary motor. A biological structure with a processing method more influential than a computer system. And a molecule that stocks directions to construct every necessary piece in living creatures.

The journey of The Privileged Planet documentary

We rely on the oxygen provided by our planet's air, the moon, the planets that are next to us, and its exact position in the grandiose solar system and galaxy. The Privileged Planet shows us that there's much to it than just that. The similar elements that create the environment for Planet Earth to have life is also the one that supplies the optimum setting for great finds.

The form of the Milky Way, solar system, and black holes are shown in The Privileged Planet movie. A high point is the journey from Planet Earth to the border of what we have known for the universe to be. A small glimpse of the unknown.

Behind the Scenes Info about The Privileged Planet Movie

The movie production was worked on from October 2002 till June 2004. The film shows the theory presented by the writers of the book, Jay Richards and Guillermo Gonzalez, about how the Earth was made to maintain living systems and provide scientific finds. Photography for the film was taken at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Mt. Wilson Observatory in California, the University of Washington, Iowa State University, Parkes Observatory in Australia and other locations throughout the United States.

The Discovery Institute planned a showing of The Privileged Planet documentary in the Smithsonian Institute in the summer of 2005. The showing prompted a high range of dispute and large crowds of media because many thought that the Smithsonian supported the intelligent design hypothesis. Eventually took back its support from the transmission even though it was shown as initially planned. The film aired in 2005 and 2006 in PBS.

Based on the book publication of the same name written by Jay Richards and Guillermo Gonzalez, The Privileged Planet is directed by Lad Allen (Darwin's Dilemma). Executive producing the documentary is James W. Adams (The Exodus Revealed) and Larry Frenzel (Courageous and War Room). Japanese, Romanian, Cantonese, German and Czechoslovakian are some of the languages The Privileged Planet movie has been translated to.

The Privileged Planet DVD features

The Privileged Planet DVD contains interviews with important cosmologists and astronomers such as Paul Davies (God and The New Physics), Donald Brownlee (Rare Earth) and Robert Jastrow (Origins of Life in the Universe). The film runs for 60 minutes and is narrated by John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings). Besides the hour long documentary, the DVD contains almost 60 minutes of bonus material.

The message of Unlocking the Mystery of Life DVD

In On the Origin of Species written by Charles Darwin in 1859, he claims that all living things on Planet Earth were a result of unintended natural methods like coincidence, time, and natural causes. Since those claims, as shown in the Unlocking the Mystery of Life DVD, scientists have depended on these methods to encounter the beginning of life. Even though in present-day these methods are being questioned.

The Unlocking the Mystery of Life documentary is the result of arduous investigation for more than three years. The film is influenced by different scholars like William Dembski (Intelligent Design), Michael Behe (Darwin's Black Box), Stephen C. Meyer (Darwin's Doubt) and many others. It offers a different look to intelligent design by focusing on recent findings in the departments of genetics and biology.

Computer animated features are seen throughout the Unlocking the Mystery of Life movie. They portray the insides of living cells and how they work. Tim Doherty, one of the animators of the documentary, made different sections demonstrating the formation and performance of a cell nucleus, protein atoms, and the DNA molecule.

Behind the scenes info about Unlocking the Mystery of Life movie

The Unlocking the Mystery of Life movie was filmed in 2001 till 2002 around the United States. Also, special photos were taken in the Galapagos Island where Darwin started his 1835 journey.

The film aired in PBS in the fall of 2003. It was shown in more than forty organizations around the U.S. A presentation of the documentary in the KNME station in Albuquerque, New Mexico was canceled. This caused exposure to different news stations and a discussion over PBS programming settlements.

The Unlocking the Mystery of Life has been made available in other countries like South America, Australia, Asia and other regions. It has been also translated to more than 20 languages like Russian, Spanish and Mandarin. The U.S. distribution is provided by Randolf Productions International.

The Unlocking the Mystery of Life documentary has 67 minutes of content and it incorporates almost an hour of bonus material. The movie is directed by Lad Allen and executive produced by James W. Adams (The Privileged Planet). It is narrated by Ed Ragozzino (The Sisters).

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