Prairie Giant: The Pastor Tommy Douglas Story DVD

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  • Director: John N. Smith
  • Run Time: 180
  • Region Code: 1

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Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story

There are so many things today that we obviously take for granted. American culture has become an amazing place and it's helped shape not only culture but the world at large over the past few centuries. But there are a number of things that we consider normal now that were only dreams only a few short decades ago. That's where Tommy Douglas comes in. Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story tells a fascinating story of the man who helped bring reform and shape Canadian society. A pastor, Tommy Douglas saw things that were unfair or unjust in the world around him and he chose to do something about it, rather than simply complain or throw a fit. He chose to actually use his gifts and change the world. So many things that we enjoy today, like the 8-hour work day, arts being government funded, and even the concept of universal healthcare have been brought to us largely because of people like Tommy Douglas. Douglas was a driving force behind many of these ideas and he was able to stand up for what he felt was right and bring these new and unique ideas to the government.

Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story is a unique look at his life and all that he accomplished. Prepare to be blown away as you examine his life and learn about some of the incredible impacts he had on society and how he was able to change a culture and create a better world to live in. Douglas wouldn't be deterred or brought down by those who opposed him. He knew what needed to be done to improve culture and he fought for those changes. One of the first modern-day social justice warriors, he was able to bring about real change that shocked a world and inspired other nations to follow suit. This film is a unique look at his life and will certainly give you new details and insights into his incredibly fascinating life.

The Early Missions of Tommy Douglas

In Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas story, you will see him begin to form a revolution. Tommy Douglas brought about a very simple idea to the people. Why do they keep electing people who don't have their best interests at heart? The typical nature of politics is that the most shrewd and crafty politicians get elected; the ones that know what to say and how to say it. But the problem is, they don't bring about real change or fix what's broken. Most politicians simply desire the idea of power and they have been able to get into office because they were able to say what people wanted to hear in election season and get voters to vote them into office.

Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story shows Douglas teaching a simple idea, and he uses a simple story. He says to imagine a land called Mouseland, full of mice who work hard and make up the entire country. However, every time it comes to election season, they consistently vote for cats, not other mice. And the cats, once voted into office, make great laws; Great laws for the cats, that is. But the problem is, the cats don't have the mice's best interest at heart, they simply do what's good for the cats. Douglas compares this to government, and tells the people of Canada that they should actually elect someone who will be good for them, he encourages them to elect a mouse, or another human being who will actually do as the people request and what's in the best interests of them.

The Spread of the Message

This message begins to spread, and people begin to really understand and agree with the message that Tommy Douglas is preaching. However, there is another side to this, and the protesters who support Douglas begin to get incredibly rowdy and out of hand. This becomes a problem when in Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story, the mounties and officials in government begin to fight back against the protesters. When the protesters begin to get violent and riled up, some are even murdered in order to keep the peace. This discourages Tommy Douglas, who as a pastor, encourages his followers to protest in a loving and nonviolent way. Encouraging his people to love and not show hatred or violence, Tommy Douglas continues his revolution. And while he has many struggles and turmoils along the way, he does begin to eventually affect change in his country. More people begin to listen to his words, and the people agree that a change needs to take place in this country. But Douglas begins to fear for his own life, and he's even informed that if he continues to preach this doctrine and message, he will never be allowed to preach again in his home country of Canada.

This is where the drama becomes incredibly gripping in Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story, where either his revolution will break and he'll be forced out of both his revolution and his church, or the revolution will succeed and he'll begin to start affecting real change in the government.


Tommy Douglas was an incredible man who had a very interesting life. Teaching unique ideals, he received a lot of pushback from people who didn't agree with him. He was one small man with a small voice amidst a thousand other ideas and voices. But something about his stood out and as more and more people began to hear his message, that voice became louder and louder, until it became an anthem for the people of Canada. Despite those who were fighting against them and the incredible battles and struggles they faced, Douglas was eventually able to succeed and bring change to the people of Canada. This one Canadian pastor not only affected change in his home country, but his policies inspired many others around the world, and soon people from all over the world were beginning to hear and understand his ideals. Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story is an incredible drama with a wonderful cast and message of standing for what is right.

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