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  • Languages: English
  • Run Time: 113 Minutes
  • Region Code: 1

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The Perfect Game DVD

The Perfect Game, based on a true story, is a sports film filled with wholesome Christian values. This film teaches viewers about overcoming adversity in order to fulfill a dream. From start to finish, viewers are treated to an inspiring and heartwarming story about perseverance and great faith. The characters are vivid and realistic, and this film takes an inside look at their personal struggles and the trials and triumphs that they endure. The Perfect Game is an inspiring story about rising above challenges and persevering through difficult times. Based on a true story, this film will warm the hearts of viewers and entertain them as they progress through the story.


The Perfect Game revolves around a poor group of kids in 1957 who have formed themselves into a baseball team. They are far from the typical baseball team, and are more like a rag-tag group who is not used to playing in any sort of professional atmosphere. Originally, they are all from the town of Monterrey, Mexico. Although they may not be just like everybody else, they have undeniable baseball talent.

They have started playing in the Little League, hoping to win the World Series. Their hopes are high and their team is strong, but they are met with a series of trials. Because they are from Mexico, the team is forced to deal with racism from other teams who have grown up in America. Many underestimate their talents simply because of their race, and they are driven to the outside. The other teams try to break their spirits and tell them that they will never amount to anything, but The Perfect Game shows the team of Mexican boys rising above it all and turning the hate into fuel for their game.

Completely unexpectedly, the team of boys from Mexico wins thirteen Little League games in a row, placing them in a position where they will advance to the Championship game. The entire world is shocked by these underdogs and their amazing talent for baseball, proving that the greatest things can come from the most unexpected of places. Though their spirits are soaring from this event, they face a very difficult situation in which they are almost deported. If this deportation actually takes place, they will lose all the progress they have made in the Little League World Series and will be forced to return home to Monterrey, Mexico, though they have grown used to America. The Perfect Game, fortunately, finds the deportation not taking place, which means that the boys can continue on to the championship game.

On their way to this game, they encounter more hate and bigotry from some of the American people, as they are refused to be let on to certain buses. This is simply because they are Mexican, and this discourages them. They are later refused to be allowed into certain restaurants, again for the same racist reasons. However, The Perfect Game shows the resilient spirit of the boys and the passion for baseball that drives them to continue to pursue their dreams.

The thing that most drives their group is their faith. This is instilled in them because their leader and coach is a priest. He teaches the children to trust in God and trust that their future is being led by Him. Their other leader is a former major league baseball player. He has experienced great defeat on the baseball field, and is often quite discouraged. However, the enthusiasm of the kids and their passion for life and their future affects him and changes his life for the better. The Perfect Game is not simply a film about baseball, but is one about the journey of the young boys and the effect that they have on those around them. Their spirit is irrepressible and undeniable, showing the world that they are ready to take on whatever comes their way.

The big championship game arrives in The Perfect Game, and the boys are extremely nervous. Their entire journey so far has been life-changing, and they do not want this to end. They wish to continue having a positive influence on the world and show that though they are small, they can have a mighty impact. Their worry and nervous energy only makes them play better, and they make history with the championship game. They win it, and it becomes the first completely perfect game pitched in the championship.

The Perfect Game shows the pure joy of the boys and the passion that drove them to be who they are. Though those around them heaped doubt and insults upon their team, the boys refused to give up. Their drive and fiery spirits led them to victory and their story had an impact on the world. Those who had formerly judged them and called them names saw that they had been wrong. The underdogs who came from a small city in Mexico overcame extreme adversity and ended up setting records and changing history.

The Perfect Game tells the story about these boys in great detail and brings every aspect of their journey to life in a vivid and touching way. Viewers will learn lessons about remaining faithful to God and holding out hope for the future, though it may seem pointless and bleak. The faith of the team was blessed by God, as he gave them a perfect season and a glorious victory. This film teaches viewers the importance of having a passion and drive for life. It does not matter whether you are expected to win or not; the future is in your hands. The Perfect Game is full of all these lessons and more, creating a film that is both valuable and important as well as entertaining and captivating. Perfect for families and children, this DVD is a priceless treasure that you will not want to miss. This film is an unexpected blend of emotion and sports, and the resulting story is delightful and heart-wrenching throughout every minute.

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