Patterns Of Evidence: Exodus DVD

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  • Cast: Timothy Mahoney
  • Director: Timothy Mahoney
  • Producer: Timothy Mahoney
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 8/3/11
  • Run Time: 119 Minutes
  • Subtitles: Spanish
  • Closed Captioning: No
  • Region Code: 1
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Patterns of Evidence: Exodus

Go on an incredible journey back to the past with filmmaker Tim Mahoney, a man known for his powerful documentaries. In this fair and balanced piece, Mahoney goes back to the evidence to look for evidence of how historical events in the Bible lined up and if they really make a compelling case for the events found in the book of Exodus. This in-depth and well researched guide to the past will begin to reshape your understanding of how the world came to be and in what time periods the Exodus and various other events took place. Throughout the film, Mahoney begins to piece together a well thought out timeline of the events of the Bible, presenting his case for the chronology of Biblical events. As you watch Patterns of Evidence: Exodus, you'll begin to find compelling evidence that the events found in scripture really do line up with what we learn about in the Bible. While breaking away from some archaeological and historical norms, Mahoney presents a revised but sensible plan for how the events of the Bible were laid out and in what order and when they played out. Follow along with masterful documentarian Tim Mahoney as he takes you on an adventure like you wouldn't believe in Patterns of Evidence: Exodus.

Information on Tim Mahoney

Tim Mahoney was a man with a lot of confusion in his heart about the way the Bible played out and what evidence was given in archaeology. He had heard many times that the evidence found in history didn't truly line up with what was found in the Bible. This saddened Mahoney, but the more he heard from others, the more he became convinced that the two weren't compatible. But, Mahoney wasn't ready to call it quits there. While many men would have simply accepted what people were telling them and moved on, Mahoney wanted to find out the truth for himself. He had found evidence that Bible was true, but he also could see the standpoint where the Bible wasn't truthful. And so, he was determined to find the answers for himself. Mahoney spends 12 years of his life asking a very simple question, "is the Bible the truth and is what is says really real?" This question also led him to a follow up question with very serious consequences. "If the Bible isn't real," he wondered, "what can I have faith in? What do I believe?" This is a very serious question and one that has haunted men for millennia. If we don't put our faith in God, what is the point of our existence, and why were we put here? What should we be doing with our lives if there's not a purpose in glorifying God or serving a master? These are the big questions that Mahoney began to ask himself and so he decided to create Patterns of Evidence: Exodus. This riveting documentary was a very big deal for Mahoney, as he was determined to follow the evidence to wherever it led, even if the evidence led to something other than God. With no plan or hidden agenda, Timothy Mahoney set out to Egypt to find out the truth behind the exodus. He would follow the truth wherever it was to lead him. Whether that was to confirming Biblical truths, or something entirely different. So what answer does he find? Find out in Patterns of Evidence: Exodus.

The Story

Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus follows TImothy Mahoney on his in-depth investigation where he is determined to find out the connections between history and the Bible. His goal is to see how well the two align, and he is determined to see if the Bible can really be true from what we know to be true through history. This was a difficult journey for Mahoney, as he obviously didn't want the Bible to be proven wrong. He wanted the two timelines to connect through the evidence in history. But what if something were to come up that would dramatically shake the foundations of faith? Determined to find out whether the historical evidence supports the Bible, Mahoney searches for biblical answers and questions in this incredible documentary that will challenge your presumed notions about the Bible and Historical evidence.

Over the last 50 years, most famous archaeologists have concluded that there is no true evidence for the story of the Exodus. In the Bible, we see the story that the Egyptians put the Hebrews into slavery and eventually, God raised up Moses to come in and pull the Israelites out of Egypt. This was a long and difficult journey, but it's an incredible story as recounted in the Bible. But most archaeologists would agree that there isn't much evidence to support that this really happened in the historical record. In fact, they have begun to say that the timeline in History completely contradicts the record in the Bible. This leads many archaeologists to simply write off the Biblical account, considering it to be completely wrong. And because of the skepticism of these archaeologists, this has spread across the world, convincing many that the Biblical record is wrong. But is that really the case? Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus is a film determined to get to the bottom of this and definitely prove whether or not the biblical and historical records are in alignment.

The interesting thing about the Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus documentary is that Mahoney comes at it from a very scientific approach, rather than an emotionally-based approach. Rather than simply saying that we need to accept faith and just hope that the Bible is really true, he gives us definitive evidence so we can clearly see that the historical and biblical records are in complete alignment. He gives us the evidence we need to combat other people and tell them the truth of how the Biblical timeline truly lines up.

Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus is a powerful documentary perfect for studying in a Sunday school class or small group.

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