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  • Languages: Aramaic/Latin
  • Subtitles: English, Spanish

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Passion Of The Christ

He was a kind and gentle man. A teacher and preacher. A miracle worker. A shepherd of the lost. He was our savior. From award winning director Mel Gibson comes a heart wrenching story of the suffering and Crucifixion of Jesus Christ-- Passion Of The Christ. From his arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane through his miraculous Resurrection, and every moment in between, relive the series of events that led to our Salvation.

About The Film

Based on the four New Testament gospels, Passion Of The Christ vividly tells the powerful and painful story of Christ's trial, suffering, and Crucifixion. As Jesus travels from the Garden of Gethsemane, to the Jewish leaders, to Pilate, to the brutal hands of the Roman soldiers, down a long and difficult road to Golgatha, and finally to the cross, his humanity, and innocence is told through a series of flashbacks. While the film Passion Of The Christ is focused on Jesus' death and Resurrection, the film also tells the story of his life. As Jesus lives the painful last hours of his life, he remembers scenes from his life. A carpenter working at his trade along the street Jesus weakly stumbles along with his cross reminds him of his distant past, working with his parents Mary and Joseph. Peter's denial of Jesus that dark night with the Jewish leaders results in a flashback to the time when Peter vowed his loyalty to Jesus forever. Pilate washing his hands in the water bowl stirs a memory of Jesus washing his disciples feet at the Last Supper. Again and again the film Passion Of The Christ sets the stage for Jesus' death, and provides context. The flashbacks serve as reminders of Jesus' love and humility, and make the brutality of the Roman guards seem even less deserving. Throughout the scenes of Jesus ministry, to his painful last hours the film Passion Of The Christ reverently yet powerfully portrays the intense sacrifice Jesus made for the world.

Moving Violence

Passion Of The Christ is filled with scenes that are difficult and painful to watch. From beatings, lashes with whips, a crown of thorns being forcefully slammed on his head, to nails being pounded into his palms, viewers will be forced to come face to face with the violence and extreme pain surrounding Christ's last hours before his Crucifixion. Though these violent scenes in Passion Of The Christ may make viewers turn away, or feel sick, they provide something powerful. They bring viewers face to face with the reality of the sacrifice Jesus made on their behalf. Violence simply for the sake of violence is horrible, but the violence that fills Passion Of The Christ helps viewers of all ages realize-- perhaps for the first time-- the extreme sacrifice and pain that filled Jesus' Crucifixion. It is a perspective changing film, filled with perspective changing violence. Many Christians are used to seeing the clean and rosy parts of the Bible brought to life. Moses, Esther, the Nativity story, Jesus' miracles these are stories that have filled the screens many times in the past. Yet the story of the Crucifixion is rarely brought to life, and never so intensely and realistically as it is in Passion Of The Christ. With every whip lash, every piercing thorn, every blow, every nail that pierces the gentle hands of Jesus viewers will come to the life changing realization that this violence was received on their behalf. Jesus' hands were pierced so that theirs would not have to be. The violence that fills Passion Of The Christ is not just violence, it is paradigm shifting, life changing, heart moving violence.

A Unique Film

The film Passion Of The Christ is somewhat unique for portraying the Cruxificition of Jesus in such stark reality. However, it is unique for many other reasons as well-- all of which help the viewer understand the story of Jesus' life without being distracted. Mel Gibson, the director of Passion Of The Christ, purposefully chose actors that are little known by most audiences. The fact that viewers cannot pin a name or another character to the faces of Mary, Jesus, Peter, or Pilate helps them get lost in the story, and see Jesus' death and resurrection with undistracted minds and hearts. Another unique piece of Passion Of The Christ is that the entire film is spoken in Hebrew, Latin, and Aramaic-- the languages spoken in Israel during Jesus' day and age. Viewers should not fear, there are English subtitles, and the unfamiliar languages were chosen on purpose. Once again the team behind Passion Of The Christ wanted to immerse viewers in the story. To make them feel that they were standing beside Peter when he denied Jesus, beside Mary when they pounded nails into Jesus' feet. Although unique, the entire heart behind Passion Of The Christ is to give viewers of all ages the opportunity to experience the death and Resurrection of Jesus unfiltered. The language, the violence, and the truth remain intact and as accurate to the gospels found in the Bible as possible. Passion Of The Christ may be unique, but is undoubtedly moving.

Journey to the land of the Israelites, to experience the life of Jesus like never before. Relive his childhood, his miracles, and most importantly his death and resurrection. See the pain, and sacrifice through opened eyes and leave with a heart of grateful praise to the Savior and King of the world.

Passion Of The Christ has been rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America for sequences of graphic violence. This film received the "Faith Based" seal with a caution for violence from the Dove Foundation. Based on the Biblical story of the Crucifixion, some older children may be able to handle the violence in Passion Of The Christ, but as always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children.

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