Old Fashioned DVD

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  • Cast: RIK SWARTZWELDER (Clay Walsh) and ELIZABETH ANN ROBERTS (Amber Hewson)
  • Director: Rik Swartzwelder
  • Producer: Nathan Nazario and Dave Deborde
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 6/15/11
  • Run Time: 115 min
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Old Fashioned DVD

Old Fashioned is a unique and insightful look at an idea that isn't often talked about in today's society; courtship. Most all of us call being in a relationship "dating" and have several pre-conceived notions of how that looks like and how that plays out. However, Old Fashioned is an intriguing romantic drama that tells a very different story and gives a look into an exciting and faith-based alternative. Not many people in today's world practice courtship or even know what it means. Many people considered the idea of courtship to be very outdated or old fashioned. But as this film shows, it can be an incredibly romantic and God-honoring way to pursue a relationship.

The film follows two characters, Amber Hewson, a free-spirited and wild drifter, and Clay Walsh, a former frat boy who now spends his time working in a small antique shop and doing what he can to serve the Lord. These two characters are incredibly different, but as they spend time together, they begin to become interested in each other and do what they can to make the relationship work. It is a very unique story spotlighting two very different worldviews. In the end, it shows how a Godly relationship can be more exciting and romantic than you could possibly imagine.


Courtship is not a new idea or movement, rather it is a very old idea that has only recently begin to come back in certain circles. Very few people truly know what courtship is, and merely write it off as a religious or controlling way to have a relationship. However, at its core, courtship is the idea that you must set boundaries in a relationship and not go too far too fast. It's the idea that when you form a relationship with someone, it means you are considering the idea of marriage, and you're not jumping into relationships just for the thrill of dating.

While dating can be very casual and loose about what boundaries are, courtship helps define boundaries and encourages the idea of purity. In Old Fashioned, Clay follows these standards very legalistically and strictly, and Amber thinks they're downright crazy. But as the film continues, and they learn more about courtship and each other, they begin to find a happy middle ground where they can work together and honor God in all that they do.

The Story

Clay is a simple man. A simple man with a simple life. After a very rowdy and immoral past, Clay eventually found faith and decided to settle down in a simple town to honor God and give up his past carousing and partying. Taking over a local antique shop, he spends his days working on old-fashioned furniture and caring for the small but quaint shop. Because of the way his building is set up, he is able to rent out the space above him as an apartment. After his former tenant leaves, Clay puts up a sign announcing it is once again for lease.

A short time later, he meets Amber who is interested in renting out the room. Clay very quickly realizes that Amber is a rather care-free and free spirited personality who has no boundaries and a very worldly idea of how relationships and dating should work. Amber is instantly intrigued with Clay when she finds that he will not enter her apartment alone, because of his rules and boundaries. Amber, as it is later found out, also has a rather difficult past, having moved from place to place, jumping in and out of very bad relationships all over the country.

Partially perplexed and partially intrigued, Amber does what she can to spend more time around Clay and learn more about what makes him tick. When she runs out of reasons for him to visit, she begins breaking things in her apartment on purpose so he will have to come up as the landlord and fix them. While Clay fixes the random appliances around her apartment, they discuss various topics, including faith and relationships. When Clay explains his notions about courtship and dating, Amber laughs at him and explains her ideas of those same principles. With two very different ideas of how relationships should work, they should have been very argumentative and very against each other.

But pretty soon, they begin to find an inexplicable attraction to each other. Eventually, Amber agrees to follow Clay's rules just so they can begin courting and find out more about each other. She quickly realizes that his idea of courtship is more difficult than even she had anticipated as on their first date they begin working together on a marriage counseling book. The more time they spend together, the more she finds that he has some very strict ideas on relationships and has a very unromantic and legalistic idea of them being together.

As the relationship goes on, they begin to encounter turbulence as Clay continues a very unromantic personality and Amber continues to desire a more accelerated pace in the relationship. They must eventually work together, through the help of wise council, to find a middle ground. Amber must learn to set boundaries and find faith, and Clay must learn to come down from his legalistic high horse and relate to Amber on a more personable level. This romantic drama shows how to find a happy balance and is both an inspiring and enjoyable movie.


Old Fashioned gives a unique look at a timeless idea. Its fun and enjoyable storytelling helps make this romantic drama an exciting film. You will quickly become invested in the characters of Amber and Clay and you will wonder if they ever find a way to make their relationship work. It explains an important worldview without the need to be overly preachy or portray the people who disagree with their point of view in a negative light. Overall, this is a wonderful romantic film and perfect to watch as a couple, whether you're married or simply trying to start a relationship.

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