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  • Cast: Kyle Idleman

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Not a Fan: Teen Edition DVD

Not A Fan Teen Edition DVD is a challenging small group study video for teens who want to go beyond simply being a "fan" or "liking" Jesus to become a fully devoted follower. The small group study offers leaders and participants alike a chance to be drawn to a closer relationship with Christ; not a fan, but a completely committed follower.

Are You A Fan or Follower?

If Jesus had a social media page, most people in America would "like" him. Maybe they think of Jesus the wise speaker, a kind gentleman, or even just as the baby lying in the manger scene, cute and blessedly quiet. They'd select "like" just as they would for their favorite music artists, movies, and even fast food restaurants.

But something is truly wrong when this is how we feel about Jesus; if we are only as connected with him as we are our pastimes, hobbies, or other interests. If this is the extent of the place he has in our hearts, if we say we love him in the same way we say we love spring, or a new album, or the dinner we had last night, we are selling our relationship with Christ short. And it's certainly not the calling Jesus has on our lives, as Pastor Kyle Idleman dives into in the Not A Fan Teen Edition DVD.

Many teens have a very casual relationship with Jesus, and they love him in the most casual definition of the word. But if we love Jesus only casually, what does it say about our relationship with him? How deep does that love go? How much have we considered it? What are we willing to do to demonstrate it? Are you more than just a fan? Explore a relationship with Christ that has depth and meaning with the Not A Fan Teen Edition DVD.

Where Is Your Relationship Going?

Most of us have had "the talk" in one relationship or another; where are we going, what do we want, are we even right for each other, but what if Jesus is wanting to sit down with you right now to have that talk about your relationship with him?

In Not A Fan Teen Edition DVD, that's the goal that Pastor Kyle Idleman has for teens; to figure out what they want in a relationship with Christ and if he wants the same thing with them. This challenging DVD-based small group will urge teens to assess where they are in their faith, look apathy or indifference or distraction square in the eye, and then make a choice of whether they're' going to be casual followers of Christ or if they're going all-in.

This small group study takes Pastor Idleman's ground-breaking message from Not A Fan and puts it squarely in the world of the American teenager. In it, young people will have a chance to engage with Pastor Idleman's ideas about following Christ and measure them against how they've been living. Through edgy videos, powerful testimonies, and challenging mini-messages, teens confront the reality of walking with Christ and how it's been going for them so far.

The question Not A Fan Teen Edition DVD leaves them with is this: are you content to just be a fan of Jesus Christ, or are you interested in being more; in being sold out, all-in, and passionate about your relationship with him? What will you do with the faith you've been given; will you blow it into flame, or let it die?

Resources for Small Group Leaders

If you lead a youth group or have teenagers into whose lives you can speak, Not A Fan Teen Edition DVD is a powerful tool that puts the entire small group discipleship process into your hands to help change their lives. Lesson guides, leadership materials, data, and more is packed on the DVDs to make leading this small group straightforward, even if the material is challenging.

Not A Fan Teen Edition DVD provides all the materials you need to engage the teens in your life with the consuming gospel of Christ that will transform their lives.

The Call to Christians

Pastor Kyle Idleman realized that Jesus didn't say what people wanted to hear; he challenged them, their belief, and their commitment. In Not A Fan Teen Edition DVD, Pastor Idleman tunes his message for teens; a unique group of people who face unprecedented challenges to their faith.

Jesus didn't call us to just enjoy him, casually associate with him, or love him the same way we do tacos; he called people to leave behind their old lives and follow him. Are we doing that? Have we event thought about it?

What does it look like today for teens to be called to follow Jesus? In a crazy, changing world that can make it hard to be a committed Christian, what does it look like for young people grow in their connection to Christ? In the Not A Fan Teen Edition DVD Pastor Kyle Idleman lays it out in a way that teens can understand culturally relevant, challenging, and even a little disturbing.

We aren't called to be part-time followers of Christ, half-saved, half-way living for him; we're called to be fully engaged. This exciting small group DVD curriculum will help leaders direct a group of teens on a journey to decide how they're going to go forward in their walk with Christ.

Pastor Kyle Idleman and Southeast Christian Church

Kyle Idleman is the teaching pastor at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. His thriving congregation of over 20,000 people are living, growing, and learning to follow Christ together. The invitation he offers through Not A Fan Teen Edition DVD is to join them in becoming more than just a casual follower of Christ. Kyle and his wife, DesiRae have four children, and he is a sought-after guest speaker.

Not A Fan Teen Edition DVD is produced by City on a Hill, a Louisville, Kentucky-based non-profit company that has created multiple DVD curriculums for small groups, including more titles by Kyle Idleman.

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