North and South (The complete collection) DVD

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North and South (The complete collection) DVD

The 3 historic miniseries on 8 discs, including the retrospective documentary The History of North and South.

This Emmy Award-winning adaptation of John Jakes' best-selling trilogy tells the story of the turbulent events and emotions that ignited the Civil War. In the tradition of Gone With The Wind, this glorious epic depicts the lives of two families, the Hazards and the Mains, who are geographically and ideologically separated by war. The hatred, prejudice and greed that tear at the fabric of a notion also threaten to destroy the threads that have woven the lives of these two families together. The entire collection, including book one: North and South, Book Two: Love and War and book Three: Heaven and Hell, is now available in this collectible gift set. 

Subtitles: English, Francais & Espanol (main feature, bonus material/trailer may not be subtitled)

Color 1392 minutes



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