The Mystery Of The Shemitah Unlocked and The Harbinger Decoded 2 DVD Set Presented by Jonathan Cahn

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  • Cast: Jonathan Cahn
  • Director: Nathan Todd Sims
  • Producer: Nathan Todd Sims
  • Languages: English
  • Run Time: 118 min
  • Subtitles: English
  • Closed Captioning: Yes
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The Mystery Of The Shemitah Unlocked and The Harbinger Decoded 2 DVD

Based on Jonathan Cahn's two best selling books come two gripping documentaries The Mystery Of The Shemitah Unlocked and The Harbinger Decoded. These two documentaries explore the ideas and questions behind the books at a deeper level. Explore the idea of a 3,000 year old mystery that holds the keys to the future of America. Learn how this mystery has accurately predicted the history-- good times and bad-- of this nation, and discover what could lie ahead. Mystery Of The Shemitah Unlocked and The Harbinger Decoded take a deeper journey into the mysteries described in the two books.

The Harbinger Decoded

The week of its release Jonathan Cahn's book "The Harbinger" became a New York Times Bestseller. In his book "The Harbinger" Jonathan Cahn links the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 with ancient prophecies and revelations. The book draws parallels between the ancient kingdom of Israel and the present day country of America. Based on the nine harbingers-- or warnings-- given to Israel before its destruction and fall the the Assyrian Empire, Jonathan Cahn draws parallels between these harbingers and the events on 9/11. The Harbinger Decoded takes a deeper look at the at the theories presented in the book. Individuals intrigued by Cahn's book will find this film fascinating as new theories, thoughts, and ideas are presented in the film. The Harbinger Decoded also answers many of Cahn's most often asked questions, and helps individuals better understand Cahn's revelations and supposed links between the harbingers and modern day America. Secrets and symbols not presented in the book are incorporated into The Harbinger Decoded and ones that were in the book are discussed in greater detail. The nene harbingers found in the book--The Breach, The Terrorist, Fallen Bricks, Gazit Stone, Sycamore, Erez Tree, The Utterance, and The Prophecy-- are brought to life using superb film, interviews, and footage. For individuals who have read Jonathan Cahn's bestseller "The Harbinger, this film is a must-see.

The Mystery Of The Shemitah Unlocked

Jonathan Cahn's book "The Mystery Of The Shemitah" continue the mystery he discusses in "The Harbinger." This second book focuses on a larger span of American history-- from the stock market crash on Wall Street, to both World Wars, on to the atomic age and the Cold War, and even the economic collapse in 2008-- and links each listed event and many more to prophecies and events in Israel's history. In his book and the film The Mystery Of The Shemitah Unlocked Cahn argues that in order to understand and unlock these revelations, individuals must first understand the five keys of the Shemitah with which they can unlock the Torah and ancient scriptures. The first key is related to the Jewish Sabbath--both the seventh day and the seventh year-- as described in Leviticus 25:1-4. The second key is a sign of judgment based on Jeremiah 25:4-11 which warns of the consequences of breaking God's covenant. The third key is the Shemitah as a prophetic key, the fourth is Israel as a new world, and the fifth is the Tirshi Connection. For individuals to were intrigued by Jonathan Cahn's first book and film, this second documentary style film The Mystery Of The Shemitah Unlocked will take you deeper into the 3,000 year old mystery that could hold the key to the future of America, and the key to your future.

Jonathan Cahn

The author of "The Harbinger" and "The Mystery Of The Shemitah," as well as the producer of both The Mystery Of The Shemitah Unlocked and The Harbinger Decoded has deeply studied American history and the history and destruction of ancient Israel. As a Messianic Jewish rabbi and pastor, Jonathan Cahn is well acquainted with the material that he used for both his books and his films. Cahn was born and raised in a Jewish home, and he faithfully attended synagogue and participated in Jewish practices until he became a self proclaimed atheist at the age of eight. For several years Cahn was a strong atheist, but his Jewish upbringing kept coming back to his mind, and by age twenty he was a Messianic Jew. Turning his life around, Cahn began ministering to the homeless of his city (New York), then obtained his degree in history from Purchase University and obtained a license to be a minister. In his private studies, Cahn began to see great similarities between the history of Israel and the history and trajectory of the United States. After years of intense research he wrote and published his first book "The Harbinger." Spurred on by the great public interest in his work, he wrote a second book on his studies called "The Mystery Of The Shemitah." After endless questions and discussion about his work, Cahn produced his two films The Mystery Of The Shemitah Unlocked and The Harbinger Decoded, to further expand on his revelations and thoughts.


For individuals who have read Cahns books, his films The Harbinger Decoded and The Mystery Of The Shemitah Unlocked offer a deeper look into his thoughts and research. For those who have not read his work, these films will open your eyes to a fascinating world of mysteries, prophecies, and history that could predict the future of the nation of America.

The Mystery Of The Shemitah Unlocked has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America and may not be appropriate for young viewers, however, it is considered appropriate for most audiences.

The Harbinger Decoded has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America and may include intense scenes, difficult topics, and issues not suitable for younger viewers. This film is, however, considered suitable for most audiences.

As always, it is recommend that parents preview all content to determine what is considered suitable for their children.

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