Mrs. Miracle DVD

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  • Cast: Doris Roberts, James Van Der Beek
  • Director: Michael Scott
  • Languages: English
  • Run Time: 93 min
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
  • Closed Captioning: Yes
  • Region Code: 1
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Mrs. Miracle - DVD

A Hallmark Channel film; Seth Webster, an Overwhelmed widower is searching for a housekeeper to help him with his 6-year old twin sons. "Mrs. Miracle" mysteriously appears and quickly becomes an irreplaceable nanny, chef, friend... and matchmaker.

Losing one's wife is one of the hardest things someone can face, and for Seth Webster (James Van Der Beek), being a single dad for two rambunctious six-year-olds doesn't make it any easier. With the holidays approaching, finding a housekeeper has seemed to be impossible, until Mrs. Emily Merkle (Doris Roberts) shows up at the Websters' door, ready to turn their lives around. No sooner has "Mrs. Miracle," as Seth's boys call her, straightened up the house, than Seth meets Reba Maxwell (Erin Karpluk), best friend to the Webster kids' first-grade teacher.

After their first date, Seth and Reba realize they have a lot in common. Since the death of his music-loving wife, Seth has been unable to play a single chord on the piano, and, in the name of her career, Reba, once an avid actress, has avoided the theater. With a Christmas pageant to prepare for and a fresh romance on the horizon, Mrs. Miracle definitely has her work cut out for her and proves to be more than just a normal nanny.

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