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Most (The Bridge) DVD

The Academy Award Nominated short film: Most (The Bridge), is an influential and touching movie about a gentleman who handles a railway drawbridge and how he discovers the genuine definition of sacrifice having to formulate a decision of remarkable heights.

The story of Most (The Bridge) DVD

The Bridge: tells us the tale of a single father who takes his young son to work with him at the drawbridge where he is in charge of its control. The boy one day meets a woman who is getting on a train, she is a drug user. Back at the bridge, the father tells his son to wait near the lake as he heads into the compartment to lift the bridge so a ship can pass. In that moment, a train arrives an hour early. The son tries to warn his unaware father of the oncoming train to no success. The boy decides to fall into the drawbridge mechanics to lower the bridge himself but it left his father with a difficult choice. His son or the lives on the train. With such pain, the father moves down the bridge which ends the life of his son. In the train no one noticed of the sacrifice the boy had made to save them except the woman the boy had met earlier which had seen everything through her window. The film transitions to the man walking in a new town where he meets a woman and her baby.

The effect of Most (The Bridge) film

Most (The Bridge), sometimes is often overlooked since it falls under the category of short film but those who have had the chance to watch it have considered one of the best, most compelling and life-altering films they've ever watched. When it was released in the Sundance Festival it quickly became one of the audience's favorites. Besides having big recognition in the distinguished Sundance Festival, it won awards in the Heartland Film Festival, Palm Springs Festival, Maui Film Festival and other illustrious festivals. It gained international exposure after being nominated at the 2003 Oscars ceremony for Best Live Action Short Film.

One of the most important features of this short film is the actors and the way they portray their characters. Presented in "Most" are truly refined professional actors who for example to the American audience aren't very familiar with. The fact of not having a recognizable face in the film helps audiences focus more on the story and dive in on that reality than getting distracted by a famous or somewhat recognizable face. The core of the story may seem of a familiar Christian story, or something that you would hear on a sermon but Most (The Bridge)'s visual details and the focus on each character arc makes the film go above and beyond to represent the story. The filmmakers leave audiences with the mystery of if that story has happened in real life or not. And also have managed to make people think and reflect over tits core message. The director took the time to narrate the story with full details, tell the story from the little boy's point of view and make all the core characters with three-dimensional lives. Many components of this story becomes relatable to some stories people have read about from the Bible but since production included so much humanness and character details it suddenly the story becomes some sort of parable.

The story of "Most (The Bridge)" goes extremely to the point and is wonderfully made. From the opening that is surrounded in a dream-like world and then the devastating yet brilliant climax that is filled with creative artistry. In that moment the story shifts to provide viewers with an outstanding emotional attachment to the characters and it resonates with events that had occurred before. Since the story is set in the Czech Republic, the European feel and ambiance is always present and goes with the struggles mentioned in the center of the story. Even though Most has the European feel, it's been created to appeal to the American audience. The film was made possible by young American Christian filmmakers from Los Angeles, California, William Zabka and director Bobby Garabedian. To some is surprising and remarkable that such a poignant and visually creative film came from Christian filmmakers.

Bobby Garabedian and the making of Most (The Bridge)

While looking for a place to film "Most (The Bridge)," they had visited many countries and in each of them a detail was missing that needed to be there to help contribute to the look the director wanted in it. When the location crew and director visited Prague, they quickly decided that it was the place. It had the feel, the locations and the actors. In terms of filming, the director enjoyed making the movie in Czech Republic. One of the challenges that the crew faced was that it would get dark early so the days would become shorter for the to get all the takes set for the day. For Garabedian, working with the actors was one of the highlights of that experience. The actors only spoke Czech and very little English so even though communication was difficult, they managed to communicate in a different level that basically no words were needed. They would communicate with their eyes and signals to get the final product the director needed. Originally they had a translator but then they noticed it would take more time so they decided to not have a translator and just communicate the best way they could. To him, having that experience, made it mean so much more.

Most (The Bridge) DVD Features and Info

Most (The Bridge); was released in 2003 and was directed by Bobby Garabedian. The short film was nominated for a Best Short Award in the 2003 Academy Awards. Most were filmed in Europe, specifically in Poland and the Czech Republic. Starring in the short film is Vladimir Javorsky, LindaRyabovv, Ladislav Ondrej, Kra Issov, and others.

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