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From the star of Fireproof and father of six, Kirk Cameron, comes Monumental, a film exploring America's beginnings. Journey with Kirk as he travels across the United States and Europe, dialoguing with government leaders, professors, and everyday citizens about the foundations of our country and where we are headed. Explore the ideas and principles that helped guide and build the nation we now call home. Come to understand the founders of our country, the Puritans, in a new light as you learn of their sacrifice, courage, faith, and dream to create a nation based on God's law.

Knowing Your Roots Is Important

A response to the rising confusion and downward spiral of faith in America today, Kirk Cameron initially started this "Monumental" project as an example and teaching opportunity for his own children. Recognizing that many individuals in America simply "play the blame game" when it comes to issues in our nation today, Kirk wanted to actually do something about it. He wanted to see how far we have really "diverted" from the course the small band of men and women started out on those hundreds of years ago when they boarded the Mayflower. Kirk argues that many of the issues we now face today, stem from the simple fact that none of us really understand where we have come from, where are roots are. Anyone who has ever had a missing link in their past knows how difficult it is to successfully move ahead until you resolve the unanswered questions in your life. This is why many adopted children will spend hundreds of hours searching for their biological parents or stories of their ancestors- they simply want a solid footing to stand on, they want to understand who they are and where they have come from before they move ahead. Such a large part of our personalities and identities come from our past. If you are Hispanic, or Canadian, or French, or Japanese, or stem from any type of culture, traditions and expectations will translate into your life and personality differently than if you were Russian or Nicaraguan. If you come from a long line of physicians you will differ than someone whose family has always been rooted in the arts. If you come from a line of wealth, your outlook on life will be different than someone whose family has always struggled to get by. In the same way, if a country wants to successfully stride into the future, it is key that they know where they are coming from, what their history is, so they can chart a course from wisdom and guidance rather than speculation and uncertainty. In the documentary Monumental Kirk Cameron questions that perhaps the reason our country is so broken today is that we have forgotten what made us great in the past. We have nowhere to orient ourselves from and begin again.

If You Desire Action You Must Act

It is not enough to simply want something to change, or know it needs to change, you must do something in order for change to become a reality. This is a key part of the movement behind Monumental. Kirk Cameron knew there were many unanswered questions in our culture today, but instead of simply being content with his ignorance, he sought out answers. A large part of the message of Monumental is the idea that it is our individual responsibility to protect and preserve liberty in our nation. It is one thing to act, but it is an entirely different thing to act out of understanding. With this in mind, Kirk recognizes and stresses the idea that it is our duty to educate ourselves on the roots of our liberties, and the philosophies behind them. He stresses the idea that education is "generational," and if one generation is skipped, there can be lasting consequences. He also recognizes, however, that it is critical to understand that the principles of liberty in this country are rooted in God's laws. In order to understand and preserve our liberties, we must first understand God's law. God must always be kept as the anchor, the endpoint, of our understanding and our actions.

Monumental will answer many questions in your heart and mind, but it will also raise up new questions for you to ponder and discuss. Did the Puritans and Founding Fathers mean to separate God from the government? How do we translate the desires and faith of the men who founded this country into our modern world? What lessons can we learn as we look through history? Kirk Cameron will discuss many of these questions and more with the help knowledgeable men and historical documents. This documentary is the perfect opportunity to discuss history, philosophy, politics, biblical doctrine, government, and worldview with your church, small group, or family. Ignorance may be bliss, but it can also lead to a world of confusion, chaos, and heartache. Not only will you come to see our heritage in a new light, but you will also learn more about the heart and sacrifice of those who came before. You will be encouraged to act out in faith and wisdom, and inspired to know more about the world in which we live.

Monumental is not rated, but was awarded the "family friendly" seal for all ages by the Dove Foundation. While safe for younger children, some topics discussed may not be understood or comprehended by younger viewers. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is considered suitable for their children, but this film is considered safe for most viewers.

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