Mary Of Nazareth DVD

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  • Cast: Andreas Pietschmann
  • Director: Giacomo Campiotti
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 10/14/10
  • Run Time: 153 min
  • Region Code: 1
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Mary of Nazareth

What if an angel told you God had chosen you? What would you do? Would you laugh out loud? Would you cry, or shout, or sit silently in fear? Would you surrender your will to one bigger than your own? To be part of God's plan? Mary of Nazareth tells the story of Mary the Mother of Jesus (played by Alissa Jung) as she humbly walks through life watching the Son of God, her child and her savior, change the world. Journey with Mary from her childhood in a small Nazarene town through the Resurrection of Jesus (played by Andreas Pietschmann), as she walks alongside giants of the faith- Joseph (Luca Marinelli), Mary Magdalene (Paz Vega), Peter (Toni Laudadio), John (Marco Rulli)- and see the story of redemption through new eyes.

"I Am The Lord's Servant"

When God chose Mary to be the mother of the Messiah He chose a person just as much in need of salvation as you and me. She was broken, sinful, and fallen from God's glory just as each of us are (see Romans 3:23). But when God chose Mary, he also chose a woman of remarkable strength, courage, humility, and, above all, a woman in love with her Lord. What does this kind of love look like? It looks like a woman full of grace and joy. It looks like a young, poor, girl living in the middle of nowhere who is walking alongside God so closely that an angel tells her, "The Lord is with you!" (Luke 1:28b). It looks like a frightened young woman trusting her God so completely that she can bravely say, "I am the Lord's servant," (Luke 1:38a) when told God had chosen her to carry his son. Can you image what flashed through her head when the angel spoke God's words to her? "Why me? There are millions of other girls! What have I done to deserve this, I'm nothing special? No one outside of my village knows I exist, shouldn't God have chosen someone more important to care for his son? I'm not married! What will my parents say? What will my fiance say? What will the town say? We all know they are horrible gossips! I could be killed! I could be stoned in the streets. Left for dead and remembered by no one. Where would His plan be then?! How can I possibly raise the Son of God? He may starve, or die, or be taken by Roman soldiers to pay my debts. Could I even teach him anything? If I don't die I will live a life of solitude, distrusted and disrespected by everyone. Doesn't the Son of God deserve glory and respect instead of shame and poverty? This is absolutely and utterly crazy!" But she said yes. She said yes when God asked her to step out in faith and trust him. She believed that nothing was impossible when the God who created the universe was in control. And her life was changed. Our lives were changed. For good.

A Woman Full of Grace (And A Bunch of Other Stuff Too)

As you watch Mary of Nazareth you will be reminded that God uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. Mary was afraid, she was confused, and she was doubtful (see Luke 1:29 and 34), but she was willing to let God use her to further his plan of redemption. But, as you watch Mary of Nazareth, you will also be inspired and encouraged by the enormous faith and humility of Mary the Mother of Jesus. Her life is a challenge to all of us who say we believe, to put our faith into action. She stands as a testament to all of us of what God can do when we surrender to his plan. If we are willing to read between the pages of Scripture, or watch between the lines of a film, we will also learn a great lesson in humility. Think about it for a second. If the God of the universe told you he had chosen you out of the millions of people on the face of the planet to care for his son what would you feel? Fear and trepidation perhaps, but would you also be tempted to feel a little bit of pride? As I read Mary's response to the angel's news, however, I see no glimmer of pride, only meekness. Only humility. Webster's dictionary defines humility as a modest or low view of one's own importance, but I think it should be amended with "and an understanding of the greatness, glory, and power of God." I think that this is what Mary understood. That, though she may seem important by the world's standards, she could never compare with the importance of her Lord. Can you imagine the humility it took to stand before her family, her betrothed, and her religious leaders and tell them the news? Can you imagine the humility it took to walk down the street knowing in every doorway someone was whispering about you? Can you imagine the humility, the unselfishness it took for Mary to let go of her child, her son, and let him live the life God asked him to live? Can you imagine the courage it took to carry him, let him leave, and then watch him die on a cross? Can you imagine the joy when he came back to life?

As you watch Mary of Nazareth ponder these questions, and learn from the example of a woman willing to risk everything for God's plan. Be encouraged by this film to live a life of complete surrender and humility to your Savior. You never know when one simple answer may change the world.åÊ

Mary of Nazareth is not rated and may include violence and issues not suitable for young children. Parents are encouraged to review Mary of Nazareth for their children, but this series, rooted in New Testament scripture, is acceptable for most audiences.

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