Love Comes Softly Series Vol 2 DVD Boxed Set

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Love Comes Softly Series Vol 2 DVD Boxed Set

The Love Comes Softly Series Vol 2 Boxed Set includes three of Janette Oke's classic stories brought to life through film. It contains movies four through six. These films continue the story of Marty's daughter, Missie, and her family. A new generation is introduced in the final film of this series, furthering these beautiful stories even more. Each film is a heartwarming tale of love and life, and the adventures that come with family. These films are sure to please any fan of Janette Oke's Love Comes Softly books. This collection contains Love's Abiding Joy, Love's Unending Legacy, and Love's Unfolding Dream.

Love's Abiding Joy: The fourth film in the series finds Missie's husband, Willie, heading out West to visit his daughter and son-in-law. During his visit, Willie and Missie's infant daughter, Kathy, becomes very ill and dies. Doros, the land baron and mayor, offers to hire Willie as sheriff of the town. Their family desperately needs to money as Missie is too stricken with grief to return to her position as a school teacher. Doros uses Willie as sheriff to evict ranchers that have fallen behind on making their payments. Missie tries to help their family's financial problems by selling most of her beloved possessions, including a fine gold locket that her mother gave her. Doros' daughter, Colette, begins to develop feelings for Missie and Willie's adopted son, Jeff. She is an eastern schooled girl who is home temporarily on break. Jeff is an intelligent young man who plans to take over Willie's duties on the ranch at home. Colette frequently visits him at the ranch and helps him with his chores. Jeff also visits her at her father's ranch, and the two become smitten with each other. Doros discovers what has been happening, and is greatly unhappy with it. However, he does not tell the two young lovers that he knows their secret. Instead, he lays a trap for Jeff using the unwitting Colette. One day, as she prepares to leave for school, she and Jeff share their first kiss. After she leaves, Doros charges Jeff with horse theft, though he has done nothing of the sort. He demands that Willie arrest his own son and imprison him for stealing his horses. Suddenly, Colette reveals herself, as she has not left for school. She testifies that Jeff never stole any horses and the whole matter is resolved. This film is a beautiful depiction of young love and the blossoming of new feelings.

Love's Unending Legacy: The fifth installment in the Love Comes Softly Series finds Missie still mourning the death of her husband Willie, who died two years earlier in the line of duty as sheriff. Though she has given up her school teaching position, Missie still finds it difficult to run the ranch all on her own. She eventually resigns herself to surrendering the ranch to her son, Jeff, and his new bride. They take control of it along with Missie's brothers. Missie and her ten year old son Mattie travel back to where her parents are. Missie accepts a school teaching position there and begins to get involved with orphan distribution. Mattie requests a new sibling, but she firmly tells him that she will not be adopting a child. However, one child is left behind and she cannot bear to see her sent off to an orphanage. Out of the goodness of her heart, Missie offers to adopt Belinda. Missie tells Marty that she felt a voice deep within her telling her that she needed to adopt Belinda, though she doesn't know why. Meanwhile, a man named Zach begins to notice Missie, and he asks to court her. She turns him down saying that she could never love any man as she loved her late husband. Missie finds out shocking news from Belinda that one of the other orphans, Jacob, was actually her brother. Many rescue attempts are made to adopt him and reunite him with Belinda, but they all fail. One night, Zach, who does not believe in God, feels a voice leading him out into the wilderness. There, he finds Jacob and is able to reunite him with Belinda. He believes that he voice he heard was the voice of God, and he commits his life to him. He and Missie are married, and they adopt Jacob as their son. Mattie, Jacob, Belinda, Missie, and Zach all start a beautiful life together as one family. This film is a touching story about the power of love and family.

Love's Unfolding Dream: This sixth movie follows Belinda as she struggles with her future. She feels deeply that God wants her to be a doctor, but women in the professional world are frowned upon. She helps nurse an old woman back to health, and is recognized for her talent in the medical field. While nursing this woman, she meets Drew Simpson, the nephew of a deceased neighbor. The only reason he has come to town is to prepare his uncle's farm for sale. He wishes to get out of such a small town immediately and return to New York. After meeting Belinda, however, he has second thoughts about leaving. Belinda's future is complicated as she desperately wants to be a doctor and feels that she cannot ignore such a call. She informs Drew that a relationship could be complicated, as she wants to go to medical school, not settle down and marry. Drew talks to Belinda's grandfather about love and relationships and realizes that he cannot live without her. Just as she boards the stagecoach to leave for medical school, Drew professes his love for her and says that he is willing to practice law where she goes to school. He wants only to be close to her. He proposes and she accepts. Before heading off to Boston, the two are married in a ceremony attended by family and friends. This story is a heartwarming tale of the uncertainty of the future and the power of love.

Love Comes Softly Series Vol 2 DVD Boxed Set is not rated by the Motion Picture Association of America, but is considered suitable for all audiences. It is always recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is appropriate for their family.

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