The Lost & Found Family DVD

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  • Director: Barnet Bain
  • Producer: Terry Collis
  • Languages: English
  • Run Time: 91 minutes
  • Closed Captioning: Yes
  • Region Code: 1
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The Lost & Found Family

When Ester Hobbs becomes a widow, she discovers that her husband's prosperity was only an appearance. The only true endowment she receives is a deteriorated house inhabited by a foster family. Ester gradually forms a link with defiant teenager Justin and the group of foster kids. Join The Lost & Found Family experience of realization in this moving film of renewed lives.

From riches to real life in The Lost & Found Family movie

Ester Hobbs finds herself living a life of luxury but all of that comfortable living is taken away when her husband suffers a catastrophic heart attack. Now in The Lost & Found Family film, with the surprise and shock of her husband's death also comes the wake-up call that the life that she was living wasn't real. All the riches and lavish lifestyle was all an illusion. Because of her husband's poor financial and investments decisions, her inheritance is a damaged house in the south. Ester has the realization that the only way she would survive is to dismiss the people who were living there, sell the place and find a better property for her to live. She decides to head down there with some things left from her life in the city.

Meeting the family of The Lost and Found Family DVD

In The Lost & Found Family movie we see five reluctant and disoriented foster kids, two rebellious teenagers and three younger kids with their own troubles. Also their foster parents. When these eight people are located on the same roof, interesting events take place. And without them knowing at first glance it's the family unit that they all crave to have. Once an apparently calm and accomplished woman, Ester struggles with clashing positions and feels all alone. The kids struggle with the idea that a random person appearing in their home all of a sudden would take their house and the only example of a family they've ever known.

A touching film of adversity, adaptation, and the hope that God has each situation in His hands making things better along the way. Adversity and adaptation affect the foster kids just as well as the widow.

Also in The Lost & Found Family DVD we meet Tony and Ramona, the foster parents. They are going through a difficult time, sometimes hardly making ends meet but they know God can help them in their troubles and help their foster kids. They have a hard time adapting to the property owner living in the house specifically when they know that Ester is putting the house up for sale.

Ester starts to ease up and experience a transformation of sorts. Her necessity to own expensive things diminishes and her high-priced clothes are no longer a need. She starts to steadily accept the faith she formerly had evaded and slowly passes on the little things she owned. Slowly, the kids, Ester and the foster parents form a friendship but when the house is sold to a developer all those connections in The Lost & Found Family start to break. In this dire moment, Ester pleads God to help them save their house and the family they have all become.

Ellen Bry's experience in The Lost & Found Family movie

When the role of Ester was given to Ellen Bry she felt like the movie came from up above. That she was meant to play that character somehow. Ellen was chosen out of a group of actresses who were options for the role of "Ester'. She considers "Ester' similar to her in some aspects, like in how she's sweet but not a person who is easily walked over. In terms of her experience filming in Georgia was entirely new. Like Ester in the movie, Ellen Bry was put into unfamiliar surroundings being so accustomed to the hustle and bustle of the urban city. Bry explains that the people from the town were very welcoming. Showing them love, helping them feel comfortable. Embracing the cast and crew in a very beautiful way. Very different from other projects that she had worked on where filming was in the city, in jaded neighborhoods. Cast and crew were asked to visit the local restaurants and stores which showed how the locals were happy to have their town featured in The Lost & Found Family movie. The actress explains that the film was done in an actual house that was in the verge of demolition making it ideal for the movie. The house was arranged to be demolished after the filming had concluded or to turn it into a restaurant. Ellen liked working with the cast and crew of the movie because nobody stood taller than the other no matter what position each person had in it. That everybody was delighted to be there and work.

To her this film is inspiring in different ways and that it will be of interest to all people. Hoping that the movie will enlighten and will make people think about the message of foster care. Especially foster kids.

The message of The Lost & Found Family DVD

The message of faith surrounds the film. Family values, the goodness of faith, love and hope are also shown which are traits needed in today's society. They are presented realistically and will influence a bigger audience. The Lost & Found Family movie represents the necessity for foster care and makes people think of the profundity of sympathy and consideration that most foster parents who offer foster kids. In general an enjoyable & charming film for those who are looking for a spiritually inclined movie or for those who are looking to see a virtuous and entertaining family film.

The Lost & Found Family movie info

The Lost & Found Family DVD was released in the fall of 2009 by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment & it runs for 1 hour and 31 minutes. The Motion Picture Association of America rated the film PG (Parental Guidance Suggested) due to some drug material and thematic components. Starring in the film is Ellen Bry (St. Elsewhere TV series, Mission Impossible III.), Lucas Till (Hannah Montana: The Movie, X-Men) and Jessica Luza (The Hills Fashion Report). The movie was directed by Barnet Bain (Milton's Secret) and produced by Bobbie & Terry Collis.

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