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  • Director: Christian Vuissa
  • Producer: Christian Vuissa
  • Languages: English
  • Dove Approved: Dove Family Approved
  • Release Date: 11/8/08
  • Run Time: 86 minutes
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Subtitles: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian
  • Closed Captioning: Yes
  • Region Code: 1
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The Letter Writer DVD

The Letter Writer is a heartwarming Christian film that will appeal to the entire family. The theme of redemption runs throughout the entire film, and many positive values and lessons are presented. Maggie Fuller is a teenager who does not like to obey authority. She has had many troubles in her life, and often finds herself in unhealthy situations. Her spirit is a rebellious one, and she has a problem with lying. Her life has revolved around everything that is far from the truth, and this is the only way she knows how to get through life. However, all that changes when she receives a mysterious letter in the mail. This letter opens her eyes to the truth and convicts her to change the way that she is living. The only problem is that she has no idea who sent the letter, and she deeply wishes to talk to them. It seems like a crazy coincidence that she received a random letter in the mail that spoke directly to her, and Maggie wants to learn more about why the person sent it to her in the first place.

Through a series of miraculous events, The Letter Writer finds Maggie locating the sender of the letter. It was sent to her by an old man, named Sam, who lives in a nursing home, and she decides to pay him a visit. Though the two strangers have never met before, they cannot help but feel drawn to one another. Maggie feels a kinship with the elderly man and he feels a tenderness toward her. She asks him why he sent her a letter, and his answer is simple. He informs her that God told him to write her because she needed to hear what he had to say. Maggie is quite taken aback, as she does not know much about God. Before the arrival of the letter, she never really cared about the existence of God and did not give him much thought. However, she yearns to know more about this God and this man's faith.

As the two continue talking, Maggie is further inspired to change her lifestyle. She begins to learn more and more about God and his loving nature. She begins reading the Bible and learns that Christianity relies on truth. Her heart is very convicted as she has been far from truthful in the past. Maggie decides that she does not want to live with the lies and the dishonesty anymore, and she asks Sam how she can break free from this. The Letter Writer shows Maggie's heart turning toward the Lord and the miraculous changes that this causes in her life.

The next step in her life seems very clear to Maggie. The reason that Sam sent a letter to her is because he has a system that he uses in order to reach out to those who may need to hear the words of God. He goes through the phone book and prays over each name, and writes to the ones that he feels God is calling him to write to. Maggie comes to realize that this is no coincidence and is truly God at work, so she decides to do the same. The Letter Writer finds the unlikely pair of friends writing letters together, as he teaches her more about Christ and about what it means to follow his direction.

As they get to know each other even more, Sam discovers something about Maggie that he did not know. She has an incredible singing voice. However, she does not wish to focus on this and does not sing very often. Deep down inside her, she genuinely loves to sing. Before, she was trying to wear a rebellious and tough attitude, so she did not sing very often because it did not fit with the image that she was trying to have. However, Sam convinces her to use her talent and use this to further the kingdom of God.

The Letter Writer depicts a beautiful change in the relationship between Maggie and her mother. At the beginning of the film, the two are constantly at odds with each other and never get along. Maggie is very disrespectful to her mother, and this causes great tension between the two of them. However, after talking to Sam and committing her life to Christ, she realizes that she must do something about this relationship. She can no longer disrespect her mother like she has grown used to doing and must start giving her the respect she deserves. Maggie goes home to her mother and apologizes for all her wrongdoings. She asks for forgiveness and explains the story of Sam and the letter that he wrote to her. Her mother is overcome with emotions, as she has been longing for reconciliation, but was unsure how to go about getting this. The two have a beautiful and emotional reunion as their hearts are finally open with each other. Maggie promises to live with respect and honesty from here on out, because of her newfound faith.

In order to make up for the past, Maggie desperately wants to make her mother proud. She wants to show her that she can make something of herself and can move on to a bright future, despite the past. Sam suggests that Maggie just needs to be herself to make her mother proud, but she is determined to do something more. The Letter Writer shows Maggie working extremely hard to hone her vocal skills and to become a great musician. This does make her mother extremely proud, but she informs Maggie that all she ever wanted was reconciliation. She is proud of her daughter not because of what she can do, but because of who she is. Sam and Maggie continue to be friends, and the love of Christ is shown through their unusual circumstances. Great redemption can come when we just listen to what the Lord is telling us to do, as Sam did when he wrote Maggie that letter.


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