Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage with Mark Gungor DVD

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  • Director: Mark Gungor
  • Producer: Laugh Your Way, America
  • Languages: English
  • Run Time: 240
  • Screen Format: FS
  • Subtitles: English
  • Closed Captioning: Yes
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Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage with Mark Gungor DVD

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage is a hilarious and practical Christian film that will leave viewers with practical advice and knowledge. Mark Gungor teaches married couples how to overcome obstacles in their marriage through one powerful tool: laughter. Mark researches and finds practical solutions to common problems in marriage using this unique technique of humor. His lessons are an insightful blend of comedy and practical advice, creating an entertaining and instructive atmosphere. Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage contains four different sessions, each illustrating a different aspect of marriage. This series is perfect for couples desiring practical solutions to common problems in marriage.

Learning to Laugh

Mark Gungor is a Christian comedian, known for his Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage series. Unlike any other marriage seminar, these sessions inject humor and lighthearted fun into practical lessons and important information. Couples will be delighted by Mark's sense of humor and his unique and charming teaching style.

The first session included on this DVD is "The Tale of Two Brains". This session dives into the differences between male and female brains. What makes us act differently from each other? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? How can we best use this to the advantage of our marriage? Mark's humorous and realistic imagery provides viewers with a deeper understanding of how men and women work differently, and how this is meant to be a very good thing. God designed us this way for a reason, and Mark teaches a very important lesson on how to communicate differently, but effectively.

The second session on Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage is "Why Does He/She Do That". This lesson gives great detail on how to understand what makes your spouse act a certain way. As described in the previous lesson, men and women act and think differently, and everyone is unique. This film provides viewers with practical solutions on how to communicate and understand what their spouse is thinking. Discover new ways to understand your partner and learn what makes them act the way they do. Mark's session is humorous and honest, entertaining throughout the entire thing.

The third session on this DVD is a frank and open wake up call, entitled, "The #1 Key to Incredible Sex". Mark has created a system of five steps to help couples develop their relationships in this area. This session provides couples with practical solutions and honest advice on how to truly enjoy sex within marriage. This is the session that everyone needs, but no one wants to listen to. Mark keeps this session light and opens with humor and honesty injected throughout.

The final session on Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage is entitled "How to Stay Married and Not Kill Anybody". Throughout this lesson, Mark encourages viewers to learn the importance of forgiveness. Marriages cannot survive without forgiveness. This lesson explains what happens when spouses refuse to forgive each other, and refuse to apologize in the first place. Following God's Biblical example, marriages can operate smoothly and last forever. Without following this, trouble will arise and quite often cannot be recovered from. Mark likes to call this principle of forgiveness "The Reset Button". Waking up fresh every day with the mistakes of the previous day still in the past can be the thing that saves many marriages, and Mark gives viewers practical information on how to apply this principle to their own marriages. Complete with his signature brand of humor, "How to Stay Married and Not Kill Anybody" finds Mark at his finest and with a very important lesson.

A Unique and Humorous System

The thing that sets Mark Gungor's Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage series apart from other marriage seminars is the fact that it is highly entertaining. It's often hard to get couples to agree to sit down and watch videos that are boring and unhelpful, so Mark came up with a brilliant solution. Why not create a series that is funny and playful, but also carries an important lesson?

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage was born out of Mark's desire to help married couples stay married and overcome the issues that arise in every relationship. From his research, Mark has discovered that women are often more willing than men to sit down and discuss their marital problems, whereas it is hard to get men to admit that they have any problems in the first place. This series appeals to both husbands and wives, bringing them together in a way that will help them learn how to communicate effectively.

Mark's lessons are relatable and honest, appealing to viewers. He does not come off as preachy, and explains that every single marriage has problems. It is absolutely okay to ask for help, and it is actually beneficial when couples recognize that they have problems. His style is vulnerable and he often talks about problems that have arisen in his own marriage. By doing this, couples respect him and are more open to listening to what he has to say. He has practical experience and wisdom that help give his lessons credibility.

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage is specifically designed to provide couples with something entertaining to watch, all the while helping them overcome problems in their marriage and relationships. The concepts presented in these lessons are specifically geared toward married couples, including the principles of being different, marital sex, and forgiveness. Each of these lessons contains a key point. Filled with humor and lightheartedness, as well as heavy topics and deep discussion, this film is perfect for any couples wanting to work out their marital problems. From communication to practical application, Mark Gungor covers it all. His humorous style of teaching and vivid object lessons work together to create a masterpiece. Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage is a resource that all married couples will want to invest in.

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