The Last Brickmaker in America DVD

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The Last Brickmaker in America

Academy Award winner Sidney Poitier delivers a stirring performance as an honest laborer fighting for tradition in The Last Brickmaker in America. The story follows Henry Cobb (Poitier), who has proudly poured 57 years of sweat and blood into his family's brickyard. After toiling from dusk until dawn every day but Sunday, Henry's passion for his work disappears and is replaced by grief from the death of his wife and fear of automation's increasing hold on American manufacturing.

Then, 12-year-old Danny Potter enters Henry's life. Henry becomes a mentor to the boy, offering Danny a refuge from his bickering parents and the role model he so desperately needs. In turn, Danny rejuvenates Henry's passion for life. Featuring rich imagery, production values, and supporting performances, The Last Brickmaker in America is a powerful and uplifting family film about integrity and friendship that will capture hearts across generations for years to come.

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