Ken Davis: Super Sheep DVD

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  • Director: Ken Davis
  • Producer: Ken Davis
  • Languages: English
  • Run Time: 50 minutes

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Ken Davis: Super Sheep DVD

Why are we always compared to sheep in the Bible? Have you ever wondered what or pondered that in your own life? Ken Davis attempts to answer that question in a humorous way in his comedy DVD Ken Davis: Super Sheep. This Christian comedy is a hilarious look at the world we live in today, but more importantly, Davis focuses on God's truth and teaches us how we can live better Christian lives. Ken Davis is a unique comedian in that he knows that there are things more important than just comedy. In addition to hilarious comedy routines, Davis also manages to bring an insightful look into faith and Christianity.

Ken Davis has always had a unique perspective and is a refreshing comedian for Christians. We as Christians have always struggled to be able to find good clean Christian comedy. Most famous comedians today are raunchy and dirty and are not appropriate for us or our children to watch. Ken Davis is a refreshing comedian who keeps his talks clean and wholesome so they can be enjoyed by the whole family. No need to cover your child's ears; Ken Davis is here to have fun and tell jokes, but he's also heard to give you an encouraging insight into God's word!

Lighten Up! With Ken Davis

Ken Davis gets that we all have struggled in our own lives. From day to day, we all have struggles and battles that we have to face. As Christians, it can be hard to keep the faith every day and we long for encouragement to help build us up in our faith and our lives. That's why Davis created Lighten Up Ministries! This is a unique and encouraging daily program that helps you get ready for each and every day. These two minute clips feature hilarious comedy bits that are sure to inspire you and get you through the day.

Lighten up! Can be heard online and can be downloaded daily as an online podcast. If you enjoy Super Sheep or other of Ken Davis' works, you should definitely keep up with this excellent podcast. Ken Davis will help you get your day started off right, not with a frown but a smile! If you need encouragement in the morning to help you get through the day, you should definitely start every morning off with a quick dose of Ken Davis' Lighten Up!

About Ken Davis

Ken Davis is a motivational speaker that is well known for traveling all over encouraging others with his inspirational messages. While other comedians relish in cutting others down, Ken Davis is a comedian that tries to keep things positive. His messages are encouraging and uplifting, but also truthful and straightforward. He specializes in bringing every comedy routine back to a point about the Bible or faith. He has produced numerous comedy DVDs, along with twelve books, and most recently a feature-length film "Fully Alive". Over 40 years into the business and he continues to serve others with his messages of hope and faith.

Davis currently resides happily in Franklin, Tennessee with his wife Diane. He is grateful for his two daughters and five grandchildren and appreciates any time he gets to spend with them. Despite all his traveling and work on other projects, he always makes his family a priority and works hard to establish a certain amount of time that he stays home and spends with them.

He currently works as the president of Ken Davis Production and continues his Lighten Up! Show daily Monday through Friday. Through Lighten Up Ministries, he has been able to publish his numerous DVDs, motivational books, live shows, seminars, and bookings for live engagements. Ken Davis keeps busy producing his DVDs and developing more comedy. Through Lighten Up Ministries, he was able to produce this movie, Ken Davis: Super Sheep

Fully Alive

One of Ken Davis' greatest works is his feature-length DVD Fully Alive! In this film, Davis enters new territory talking about himself and sharing his personal story. In this film, he makes the point that we are born to be Fully Alive! We were not designed to live lethargic lives of desperation or depression. God put us here on earth to live life and live it to the fullest! He talks about how all the passion that once burned inside of our souls is gone. A lot of the passion and zeal we once had in our lives has been put out. But hopefully, Davis can rekindle that flame and reignite a passion in our life!

Using his trademark style of humor and wit found in his other works like Super Sheep, Davis combines funny stories and comedy routines with powerful stories from his own personal life. He talks about his journey from lethargy and lack of motivation to an exciting restoration in his life. He has been able to find the secret to living life to its fullest. Once he realized how to live this life, he was able to reignite his life with a new sense of adventure, spiritual renewal, eternal joy, and health! Journey through the life and history of Ken Davis as he shows you who his lethargic life, the hours of terror that changed the way he would think forever, and his new revitalization in life! Ken Davis shares his whole life testimony in this film, providing a powerful story to the viewers.


Ken Davis: Super Sheep is a humorous and enjoyable look at the world we live in. Featuring Ken Davis' popular routine about us being super "sheep" for Christ, this message is both hilarious and encouraging. Whether you're looking for an inspirational message to build you up in your faith or you're just wanting a laugh every morning, Ken Davis: Super Sheep is the perfect movie to build you up! Ken Davis presents a compelling and light-hearted message about Christianity in a form that is both easy to understand and appropriate for the whole family to listen to. Ken Davis: Super Sheep is a fun comedy routine great for the entire family!

When Calls the Heart


"He says, "It is too small a thing that you should be My Servant. To Raise up the tribes of Jacob, and to restore the preserved ones of Israel; I will also make you a light of the nations so that My salvation may reach the end of the earth.” - Isaiah 49:6