Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge: The Complete Story DVD

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  • Producer: David Rosemont, Dan Angel, Kim Arnott, Fernando Szew
  • Languages: English
  • Dove Approved: Dove Approved Ages 12+
  • Release Date: 9/5/12
  • Run Time: 174 Minutes
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Region Code: 1
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Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge: The Complete Story

It's the incredible story by Karen Kingsbury, The Bridge. Meet Molly Callens and Ryan Kelly as they begin their very first semester off at college and begin to form an incredible relationship as they share their hopes and dreams with each other over the course of the semester. They spend hours together in the nearby bookstore, known as The Bridge, a hotspot for friendships and relationships and a great place for people to come, meet each other, and share their hopes and dreams. Starring Ted McGinley, Faith Ford, Wyatt Nash, and Katie Findlay, this remarkable tale is the wonderful journey of several souls and how they found each other and found amazing friendships. The story is told across two feature-length movies in Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge: The Complete Story.

About Karen Kingsbury

Karen Kingsbury, the author of the film Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge: The Complete Story, has written over 50 different Christian novels and is well recognized in Christian circles as a popular Christian author. She began as a writer for the Los Angeles Times, working as a sports writer. Penning her very first novel in 1991, Kingsbury would continue to grow in success, eventually switching over to focus on Christian fiction entirely. Since that time, she has written over 50 complete books, worked with other authors on 5 co-written books and has over 10 million copies of her books in print around the world. She has produced a number of books that have been turned into movies, television films, or other shorts series.

While has written many wonderful standalone novels, she has also created a number of series and collections, including the 9/11 Series, The Redemption series, the Bailey Flanigan series, and many others. Kingsbury possesses many different writing talents and in addition to working on books and movies, has also helped co-write songs, including "Walls", which appeared on a Christian album by Richie McDonald in 2009. A couple other songs she's written include Tell me to Breathe and Miracles Happen. One of her latest works is the two-part made for television series, Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge: The Complete Story.

About this DVD

Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge: The Complete Story is a touching compilation of the two parts of the Bridge films that released a year apart from each other. While The Bridge part 1 released back in 2015, part 2 wasn't released on DVD until 2016. This provided for an exciting cliffhanger at the end of part 1 that kept audiences riveted until they could finally see the conclusion in The Bridge part 2 almost a year later. The approximate run time of this series is 174 minutes, meaning this film contains almost 3 hours of exciting and dramatic content. Produced by Dan Angel, David Rosemont, Fernando Szew, and Kim Arnott, this is an incredible DVD that tells an incredible story. If you are a fan of Karen Kingsbury or any of her books, or if you simply just enjoy the shows put out by the Hallmark Channel, you will love this incredible story from Karen Kingsbury.

The Story of The Bridge

Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge: The Complete Story is a touching two part DVD that combines the two parts of The Bridge saga to bring an incredible story full of touching moments and heartfelt experiences. In this exciting story, you will meet Molly Callens and Ryan Kelly. (Played by Katie Findlay and Wyatt Nash, respectively). These two teenagers have recently graduated from high school and are ready to face their first semester of college together. This is a big and new experience for them and while they're nervous for what the future may hold, they begin to find solace in each other and begin spending more time together. Together, they begin spending time at a local bookstore known simply as The Bridge. This has become a great meeting place for people and is well known as a great place to meet and enjoy each other's company. This is where Ryan and Molly spend a lot of their time together, meeting other people and sharing their dreams.

Together, they encourage each other to achieve the dreams they had set for themselves when they were ten years old. Growing up has a way of changing people and crushing their dreams. That's why Ryan and Molly are determined to help each other achieve those dreams they had when they were younger. Things are going well and as they enjoy each other's company and spend more time with each other, they begin to wonder if they might be falling in love with each other. Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge: The Complete Story tells this exciting story and makes it full of romance and touching moments. Things are going well and life is beginning to look up.

However, after a big misunderstanding Ryan and Molly's relationship is torn apart and they fear they may never be able to recover from the catastrophic events they've put each other through. As Molly and Ryan begin to believe that they will never get back together, a horrific tragedy strikes at the Bridge bookstore, and this may very well be the thing that helps Ryan and Molly to finally find peace about their situation. Will this tragedy pull Molly and Ryan closer or will it merely push them farther apart? Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge: The Complete Story tells the story of Ryan and Molly and their rollercoaster of a relationship. The Bridge is run by two other characters in the film, Charlie and Donna Barton (played by Ted McGinley and Faith Ford, respectively). These two characters work hard to make The Bridge a wonderful place where people can come and enjoy each other's company in a safe and joyful environment. But when a catastrophe threatens to end The Bridge and everything that Ryan and Molly have come to love, will they be able to restore what's broken? Or is this the end of the Bridge and Ryan and Molly's relationship? Find out in the touching new film, Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge: The Complete Story.

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