John Branyans WedLocked DVD

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  • Cast: John Branyan
  • Director: Doug Cyphers
  • Producer: Dan Marlow
  • Run Time: 75 min

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John Branyan: WedLocked - DVD

This is a unique fusion of stand-up comedy and stage play hosted by Christian comedian John Branyan, Wedlocked is a hilarious look at love, family and vehicle operator permits.

Needing to renew his driver's license, John arrives at the BMW and forces conversation on a reluctant stranger. Since the other man offers few words, John fills the awkward silence with stories and insights that he hopes demonstrate he's "not crazy-just married".

You'll swear he's talking about your family as he tells tales of holiday traveling and first contact with the in-laws. John's high-energy performance communicates the frustrations of love without ever resorting to wife-bashing or crude jokes.

Everything wraps up with a heartwarming story that may even break the stranger's silence and you'll see there's plenty to laugh about when you're Wedlocked.

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