Islamic Conquest: Past and Present DVD

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  • Cast: William J Federer
  • Director: William J Federer
  • Producer: Amerisearch Inc
  • Languages: English
  • Run Time: 150min

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Islamic Conquest Past and Present | Christian Movie, Film & DVD

Islamic Conquest: Past And Present

Islam is a religion with around 1400 years of history. It has dictated the rise and falls of kingdoms, influenced many wars, shaped cultures, and changed world history. In the captivating series by William J. Federer, Islamic Conquest: Past And Present, viewers will explore the history of Islam, and how it has altered the course of the world. Through five thirty minute lessons you will come to understand current events from the standpoint of hundreds of years of history.

Lesson One--Early Islam

Islamic Conquest: Past and Present is broken into five sorter, easier understood lessons. In the first lesson viewers will learn about the founding of Islam, and particularly about its founder Mohammed. Viewers will be introduced to Mohammed's life, his military career, and his founding of Islam. In lesson one viewers will also learn about Islam's early conquest, and how this religion relates to and influenced the Renaissance.

Lesson Two--Expansion and the Crusades

In lesson two viewers will delve deeper into Islam's rapid expansion across the globe which led to some of the most well known wars in history--the Crusades. Surrounded by myths, legends, and stories the Crusades offer a wealth of opportunities for the imaginative mind, but they were real events that had a profound impact on the relationship between the Islamic world and the rest of the globe. In the second part of Islamic Conquest: Past and Present viewers will dive into the history of the Crusades and their impact on the Islamic world. In addition, viewers will also learn about the relationship between the Islamic empire and Tamerlane (also known as Timur, a Turco-Mongolconqueror and founder of theTimurid EmpireinPersia).

Lesson Three--The Fall of Constantinople

The exciting journey throughout Islamic history continues in part three of Islamic Conquest: Past and Present. In this lesson viewers will learn about the fall of Constantinople in 1453. Controlled for over one thousand years by the Roman/Byzantine Empires, when Constantinople fell to the invading Turks (or Ottoman Empire) it was a blow for the western world. For the Islamic world, however, it was the beginning of a new and exciting age. In this third lesson viewers will also gain a glimpse as to how Columbus' voyage and Islam are related.

Lesson Four--Pirates, Pocahontas, and Pilgrims

The history of the Islamic people and world is full of surprises and plot twists. In the fourth session of Islamic Conquest: Past and Present viewers will learn about the Muslim Pirates (also known asBarbary pirates) who operated of the cost of North Africa and who sailed as far as South America and Iceland. The Barbary Pirates sunk and captured ships, invaded towns, and lived "the pirate's life" for hundreds of years. In this lesson of Islamic Conquest: Past and Present viewers will get a glimpse into this little taught piece of history. In addition, viewers will also discover how Islam was linked with Martin Luther, John Smith, and the Pilgrims.

Lesson Five--Islam Today

After learning about the history of Islam, viewers will explore Islam in the world today. The topics covered in lesson five of Islamic Conquest: Past and Present focus mainly on relationships between Islam and the United States, but global issues are also covered.

The fifth lesson serves as a link between the history of Islam and how it is manifested in the world today.

A New Perspective On History

Islamic Conquest: Past And Present is a new perspective on world history. As viewers watch the story of Islam unfold, they will gain a new lens through which to view the world. This series of lessons is perfect for those studying World History (Ancient or More Modern). It also makes for an interesting counterpart for those studying Church History. Many people have taken Western History, and so Islamic Conquest: Past And Present is an interesting look at history in a different part of the globe. Viewers do not need to be doing a dedicated study of history to learn something from this film, however. Islamic Conquest: Past And Present makes for an interesting lesson at any time, and viewers will find this film especially interesting as it relates to many events and issues in our modern world.

A Lesson On Viewpoint

It is difficult to understand the viewpoint of an enemy, opposing side, or simply a different individual until you can understand where they are coming from. For many people, their viewpoint on the world, morals, and important issues evolves from their history--where they came from and what has been handed down from generation to generation. Islamic Conquest: Past And Present will help viewers understand a bit more the viewpoint of the Islamic people. As viewers study the history of the Islamic world, they will come to better understand how Islam functions in today's globe as well as understanding the people of Islam better.


Whether participating in a dedicated study of world history, or simply interested in the Islamic world, Islamic Conquest: Past And Present offers a new glimpse into the history and current events of Islam. From Crusades to Pirates, Coffee to Dracula viewers will better understand how Islam and the Islamic world have shaped our modern world in large and small ways. Viewers will come to understand the events of today through the backdrop of 1400 years of world history. Islamic Conquest: Past And Present will teach viewers new facts, history, viewpoints, lessons that will help them better understand current event. Islam has shaped our modern world in good and bad ways--just like people groups throughout history--and without them, who knows, we might not even have coffee.

Islamic Conquest: Past And Present has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America, and may include violence, topics, and issues not suitable for younger viewers. As always, it is recommend that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children.

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