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In His Steps DVD

In His Steps, a modern take on Charles Sheldon's classic story, is a film that challenges viewers. Entertaining and filled with vivid characters, this film teaches lessons about real faith. True Christianity is marked by action, not a sedentary lifestyle. The characters in this film learn that in order to truly understand what it means to be a Christian, they have to live out the words that they preach. In His Steps finds the First Church of Raymond stuck in a rut, until they are awakened by an unexpected event. This causes them to reevaluate their lives and the pastor of the church presents them with a challenge bigger than any of them could have expected. Will they be able to fulfill this challenge or will they slip back into the ordinary lives that they once lived? In His Steps is filled with comedy, emotion, and drives home a poignant lesson to all who watch it.


In His Steps is a film that goes on a journey along with the characters as they experience what it means to take action in their faith. The congregation of the First Church of Raymond seems to be doing all right. They have comfortable lives and perform good works when they see fit. They attend church every Sunday and preach all the right things. None of them realize just how stagnant their faith may actually be, until their ordinary lives are turned upside down.

Pastor Henry leads this congregation, and is in charge of their spiritual health. One day, a homeless man comes into town. He is extremely ill and is in need of help, so he seeks out the members of the church. Unfortunately, every single one of them denies him, thinking that he does not actually need their help. The man is hurt by this, and decides to approach Pastor Henry in order to challenge him about the believers in his church. In His Steps finds the man talking to Pastor Henry, who is overcome with guilt at the thought of the believers refusing to help the homeless man.

This discussion with the man leaves Pastor Henry completely changed. He is humbled and overcome with grief as he realizes that he has been leading his congregation with nothing more than words. They have picked up on the fact and have become judgmental and not active. Instead of living out their faith and helping those in need, this group of believers has simply been spouting religious words and pretending to live lives of faith. In His Steps watches as Pastor Henry struggles to deal with this information and the outcome this ultimately has on his church. Knowing that he has to do something, Pastor Henry decides to challenge his congregation the next Sunday morning. He explains what happened with the homeless man and how God put it upon his heart to present them all with a challenge.

In a bold sermon, Pastor Henry challenges the entire congregation to live for an entire year asking "What Would Jesus Do" before every single decision they make. This challenge is daunting and seems unrealistic, but Pastor Henry is completely serious. His heart was convicted by the Holy Spirit and he knows that the people in his church, including him, need to start living out Jesus in their everyday lives. He challenges them to follow In His Steps and humble themselves before the Lord.

This challenge proves to be much more difficult than any of them ever imagined. A man in the congregation, named Alex Powers, is very convicted by what Pastor Henry had to say and decides to renew his faith in Christ. He is strengthened and grows in his belief, but is met by a very angry daughter and wife. They do not understand the change that has come over him and are afraid that he is going to come down on them for their choices. They do not want to be judged and fail to see the genuine change of heart present in Alex. He starts talking about taking a summer mission trip, and his wife and daughter scorn him for this. In His Steps shows the repercussions of not living a life for Jesus and the judgment that often comes with such a big change of heart.

Another member of the congregation who struggles with this is a girl named Rachel. She has an amazing singing voice and had great plans to go into the music industry. She is offered a recording contract with a secular music business and is faced with a huge decision. Should she accept this and follow her dreams, or should she deny the one thing that she was wanted all her life in order to do what Jesus wants her to? Eventually, Rachel decides to do the right thing and turns down the recording contract in order to stay in her home town and serve the Lord. In His Steps finds Rachel being mocked by those on the internet, with someone even stating that Jesus is "killing the arts". However, the Lord blesses Rachel for this great decision of faith, though it was far from easy.

A woman named Virginia is forced to deal with her grandmother, who does not understand the change of heart that she has experienced. Virginia has been led by God to help a young teen named Loreen who is dealing with an abusive boyfriend. She is pregnant and does not know how to remove herself from the dangerous situation. Virginia desperately wants to help Loreen find healing, but her grandmother is not so sure. She tells Virginia that she shouldn't be associating with someone who is pregnant and unwed, but her newfound faith refuses to let her back down. Virginia helps Loreen anyway and finds healing amongst her brokenness.

In His Steps uses all the different stories of the characters in this film to drive home a poignant lesson. If we do not live our faith out in our everyday lives, what's the point? This modern adaptation of Charles Sheldon's classic book will leave viewers wanting to reevaluate their lives and be filled with a renewed passion for Christ.

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"It is written, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.".. ” - Matthew 4:4