Iesodo: Believe DVD

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  • Cast: Tony Oliver, T.W. Gibis, Joey Lotsko, Ron Allen, Erin Bethea, Barbara Goodson, Tyler Durden, and Yuri Lowenthal
  • Director: Eric S. Rollman
  • Producer: Rob Loos
  • Languages: English
  • Dove Approved: Dove Family Approved
  • Release Date: 10/14/09
  • Run Time: 50 minutes
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Iesodo: Believe DVD

Iesodo, the bird and his friends reside in a pretty tree in the Holy Land near the Sea of Galilee. Even though this group of friends have discrepancies, they have something in common. Meeting Iesodo changed their lives and they will never be the same. Together they fly off to talk about his message to all the bird world.

In Iesodo: Believe DVD the first episode named "The Gathering" Iesodo the dove gathers all the birds so they can hear his hopeful message. There Rocky takes the viewers to the day where the birds first met the dove and how their lives were changed. In the second episode "Believing is Seeing" Iesodo helps a blind finch to help him fly and believe so that he can see what is truly essential.

Iesodo: Believe DVD, its story and meaning

Iesodo is a special dove who feels love for all the birds no matter who they are. The word "iesodo" is actually a Japanese word that means "The Way of Jesus". In Iesodo: Believe DVD, Iesodo has arrived to instruct and guide the birds in a brand-new and different way of living. The executive producers of Iesodo: Believe, Jared and Natalie Hankins, always had in mind to develop delightful stories that also include messages of hope and faith from the Bible. Families of all ages have enjoyed the special message included in the Iesodo series and delightful animations. The music included in the series and the theme song add a special touch to it. The creators of the show have successfully combined learning about faith with fun and entertaining music for kids.

"The Gathering"?, the first episode in Iesodo: Believe DVD is influenced by Matthew 5:3 10 and Luke 6:20 22. Iesodo the dove gathers the flock together including the disciples and he delivers an interpretation of the sermon on the mount. In "Believing is Seeing", the second episode, it is shown that Iesodo makes a miracle possible. The episode is inspired by John 9.

Iesodo: Believe is a great source to acquaint kids to the wonderful stories and life-changing message of Jesus. Family discussion guides in color are available to connect the stories of Iesodo with Jesus from the Bible. Each episode of Iesodo contains a message of hope and love and motivates children to help those in need. In the series, Iesodo is presented in all episodes as a benevolent bird who appreciates every bird as they are. While watching the DVDs, kids are shown an image of a group of friends who behave and treat each other with consideration and gentleness. The stories shown in Iesodo: Believe and the other DVDs will contribute in engraving essential truths in children. Some of those truths are that Jesus loves them as they are, that Jesus love does not depend on what they do or what they don't and that others can receive Jesus' love through the kids themselves no matter who they are. One of the most important things is that kids can learn about the Bible and Jesus and still be entertained and have fun.

Iesodo and his friends of Iesodo: Believe DVD

Iesodo is based off of a white dove. The dove can be found anywhere and in the Old Testament presented in the Bible, the dove represented peace. Then in the New Testament the white dove represented the Spirit of God. Even though doves can overcome different climates, they are very gentle and their calling is very soft and calming. In the case of Maggie, the Palestinian sunbird, she had lived a difficult life. She had originally lost her flock but found home and family with Iesodo and the rest of the birds. Maggie is always available to help those in need and encourage them. Maggie is based on a Palestinian sunbird which can be found in the Middle East and Africa. Physically they are similar to the hummingbird, they like nectar and are occasionally known as garden birds. On the other hand, Barry, the hoopoe, is very traditional and is bothered when Iesodo tries something new. Barry represents wisdom and education but also has his moments of crankiness. Barry is a hoopoe, which is the bird of Israel.

The messages found in Iesodo: Believe DVD

In the different episodes shown in the Believe DVD show to kids how as a result of Jesus enemies can change and become friends. That those who are lost can become found through Him and that no one should go through troubles alone, therefore sharing each other's concerns. Also Iesodo: Believe DVD teaches children that Jesus can clear our eyes to see that miracles are around us every day, and that those miracles can occur when we truly believe and put our trust in Him. All the stories presented transmit the message of Jesus in a way that kids can comprehend and impulses them to get to know Him in a personal manner.

One of the most interesting things from Iesodo: Believe DVD is it's animation. Since it's a series about birds, the animation is very particular about that. Also the scenes of flight where the sky is detailed in a certain way makes it more beautiful. Details of leaves, water and other elements of nature are shown very exquisitely.

Iesodo: Believe DVD Features

The Iesodo: Believe DVD runs for approximately 50 minutes. The DVD has two episodes, "The Gathering" and "Believing is Seeing". Each episode contain songs and bible verses that contribute to the telling of each story. When the stories have finished, the DVD has features for the viewers enjoyment. The DVD contains special features like Natalie's Nest, downloadable activity guide, behind the scenes: In the Wings. Also there is a special message from Pastor Tim, it gives us a sneak peek into how the DVD was made and it lets the audience listen to the songs from the episodes. Granting their talents to this series is Tony Oliver, Erin Bethea (Fireproof), T.W. Gibis and Yuri Lowenthal.

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