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  • Cast: Dean Cain, John Schneider
  • Languages: English
  • Dove Approved: Dove Family Approved
  • Run Time: 96 minutes
  • Subtitles: English
  • Region Code: 1
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I Am Gabriel Synopsis

Promise, Texas is not a town you want to grow up in. There's never any rain or good whether, the businesses are beginning to fail and close up shop and it seems that everything that could go wrong in the town does. It all begins several years back when a baby in the town dies. And ever since that moment it seems that the town is practically cursed. Evictions are everywhere, crops can't grow, and the best thing about Promise, Texas is when people get to leave. Even the kids of the next generation realize the absolute hopelessness of the town and they all long for the day when they're old enough to move away from the failing town. I Am Gabriel follows the town full of struggling people, all of whom wish to leave and get away from the negative connotation the town inherently brings with it. The town seems to be at its darkest point ever when a young little boy by the name of Gabriel wanders into town. He's a mysterious boy, and no one knows where he came from or what his plan is. He simply showed up with the clothes on his back and a mysterious mat under his arm. No one is quite sure where he came from or what he's doing, but since he's arrived ni the town, everything's begun to change. I Am Gabriel is an encouraging and inspiring tale that will completely change your life.

Gabriel arrives with a simple message of hope for the town, but it's one that comes with a requirement. There is no hope for the town of Promise, he says -- that is, without the hope that comes from Jesus Christ. He says that the town of Promise can only be saved and experience full revitalization. Although the people hear his message, they're not quite sure they're ready to accept his words. What he says will completely change their lives, but they're not sure they're ready to receive his message of hope. In I Am Gabriel, the people either want to simply give up and leave the town of Promise or they want to try and make it on their own, without needing to look to God for guidance in their situation. Gabriel tries to convince them that Satan has a hold on this town. Their souls are starved and slowly dying. But the people are too deaf to their own problems to realize it! I Am Gabriel is a powerful film that will encourage you to look into your own lives and examine your own soul. Are you living life to the fullest and living a life pleasing to God? This film is inspirational, and most importantly, hopeful about God's plan for you and the future ahead.

A Message of Revitalization

There are times in our life, just like in I Am Gabriel, where we feel like everyone has abandoned us -- including God. We like to revel in our own self-pity, thinking that everyone has abandoned us and we are entirely on our own. It can be a lonely feeling and it's truly discouraging. However, whenever we feel like God has turned his back on us, that is the time when we need to examine ourselves and look for any issues in our own life. Is it really God who has left us? Or have we somehow abandoned God? The Bible lets us know under no uncertain terms that God will never leave us. But, we can leave God and actively do on many occasions. This is the problem that Promise, Texas find themselves in in I Am Gabriel. They have simply abandoned God and abandoned any faith or hope. They've been fine to sit contented in their complacency for years and because of this, it has left a wide open hole for Satan to come in and fill the void. Gabriel lets the people know that they have abandoned their town, leaving it open for Satan's attacks. Because of this, Satan has taken over and he is the one essentially running the town. He is the one behind all of the foreclosures, behind the deaths, the pain, and the suffering. They haven't given their lives and town over to God and because of that, Satan has taken control.

This is what happens in our own lives, just like in I Am Gabriel. If we don't surrender our lives over to Christ, even if we're not doing explicitly evil things, it leaves a neutral zone in our hearts, which only Satan can occupy. If we turn our lives over to no one, we are essentially turning our hearts over to Satan, whether we mean to or not. God cannot occupy complacency and mediocrity. But Satan can. This is the lesson that Gabriel tries to teach the people of Promise, Texas in I Am Gabriel. But will they listen to him? Or will they simply allow themselves to shut down little by little as their town continues down its string of people leaving, being foreclosed upon and dying.

In I Am Gabriel, Gabriel, the young boy, wanders the town appearing in certain spots and making divine appearances in order to help the people understand that God is alive and real and that he can change the course of the town. Gabriel sees the hurt and broken nature of the town. And he wants to fix it. But will he be able to turn the town back to a loving relationship with Christ or is it simply too late for the people?


I Am Gabriel is a powerful film and an encouraging reminder for the people who watch it that it's vital we check our souls from time to time and determine how our relationship is with God. Are we drifting away and giving areas of our life over to God? I Am Gabriel contains powerful and important lessons about God, life, and our souls that are encouraging reminder for anyone who watches it. No matter who you are, your life will be touched by this feature-length DVD.

When Calls the Heart


"It is written, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.".. ” - Matthew 4:4